Random Ranting…

Hayley the Werelobster

Posted on: June 23, 2010

Today I went from reflector to shellfish in the space of 4 hours.

Me and Elizabeth decided to go for a walk again seeing as though we hadn’t since christmas time. It was a completely different experience to last time – then we faced freezing cold weather, rain, snow, and a dog… in our wellies, waterproofs and gloves. Today we went out in vest tops and shorts/three quaters and had a nice stroll in the red hot heat. We managed to find a different route to normal and ended up walking for miles – I was planning on mapping it out and working out how far we’d gone but I haven’t got round to it yet.

We met at foxy’s pond area and followed the path along the bottom of the fields along Eighton Banks and came out next to the golf course, then doubled around the back of where toddler’s used to be and down the winding path towards the angel, under the main road and down through allerdene …where the path rather annoyingly ended. So we cut through an estate and passed sainsburys, around the roundabout and along towards lamesly. That’s where it got annoying because there was no path, just a patch of grass along the road for us to walk single file and the speeding cars kept disrupting our convo – how dare they! We got suitably knackerd and failing to find a bench to sit on decided to sit on the grass at the side of the road – classy stuff. I think we chilled there for about half an hour before we managed to pull ourselves up again and found our way to our normal route up through birtley, under the a1 and back up to foxy’s area.

Instead of splitting off and calling it a day we decided to make a stop at the Bowes and went for a nice cold drink in the beer garden. This was the point where we realised we’d been out and walking in the sun for FOUR hours (and a lot of it was uphill!) and although Elizabeth had a brain and wore suncream… I didn’t. Ergo, Hayley has turned into a lobster. I have some beautiful pink/red shading accross my shoulders, chest and back that now matches the colour of my hair – but the best part is definitely the white marks left by my straps and rather epically…accross my chest from my bag haha. Well at least I look patriotic for the match tomorrow… where England will no doubt be dropping out of the World Cup. Oh well. Until then, Enjoy!


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