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Here’s what you missed last time on The Life of Hayley.

Posted on: May 24, 2010

I haven’t blogged in a while due to many different things all adding up. Here’s a (hopefully) quick recap on whats been going on in my life – not that it’s really interesting though…


I worked a really busy shift a few weeks ago – the darts. My brother was there and I had expected him to be coming over to say hi but he didn’t show his face until I was closing the bastard. I was inside for the first time ever, on a Fosters fast pour machine at the back of the floor. It was unbelievably loud and there was just me and an agency worker who’d never worked at the arena before along with a table, a till, a machine and 5 kegs of fosters. Once the doors opened and we started serving people we had a massive queue none stop all night and by the end of my shift I had made over £4000!! (an average shift is about £600 and a really busy shift can sometimes get you to £1200). Afterwards I went to Gotham with Gary and his mates for a drink which was actually quite fun haha. My next shift one of the bosses came over and gave my a free bottle of wine for making so much money that night – it’s a shame I don’t like wine and my parents ended up drinking it… Other than that work has been pretty quiet, I rang in sick two days last week because my throat decided it wanted to be 5 times its normal size.. Not fun. Only the second time I’ve ever ran in sick for a job ever – first time at the arena.


I had my last two exams EVER. I probably didn’t revise as much as I should have for the first one, or I didn’t revise in the right way. I had to write two essays, one on depression and one on schizophrenia and they’re so similar that when I got into the exam I couldn’t remember which studies and what data went with what…so I more than likely messed that one up. For the second exam I used different coloured paper for each semester so it was so much easier for me to think back and remember what was on what colour paper so I knew which essay to write it in. Think I did quite well on that one. It was also quite sunny on the second day so when I left the exam 20 mins early I just sat on the path outside listening to my iPod in the sun. Was actually quite relaxing  haha. So now I’m finished uni, only have graduation left… then what do I do?

Everything else:

I paid off my holiday, (£1644.50 added to the deposit of £200..or was it £220?) only 74 days to go now! Also, I’m not very impressed that all my favourite TV shows are finishing at the minute (well mostly last week) now that I’m off uni and have plenty of time to do absolutely nothing I need things to watch!  Some of them are never coming back either – Heroes, Flashforward 😦 They shall be dearly missed. What’s with USA cancelling all their best shows? I totally don’t understand it, it’s like as if the BBC cancelled Eastenders. It just isn’t right! Hmm.. what else have I done? Oh, a few weeks back was a fancy dress night at Krash with a ‘superheroes and villains’ theme. I went as Jessie from Team Rocket because it was the only thing I could think of with pink hair (OH YEAH! I dyed my hair bright pink, but it only lasted 3 weeks because it faded really fast and I couldn’t keep up with the redyes so I’m back to red now), Emma was the Black Cat from Spiderman, Noddy was his usual slipknotesque randomage and I managed to convince Cate to come join the party and she came as Invisigirl from the Incredibles.

My parents are away this week so I get the car and pretty much a house to myself and 16 fish and a cat to feed. I imagine my brother will be in and out a bit and expecting me to play taxi but I’m going to see Alkaline Trio on Tuesday and I have some plans for other days too so he can’t be expecting too many lifts off meeee. I’m staying up tonight for the LOST finale at 5am, hopefully I’ll manage to stay awake long enough before and after so I can tick off ‘stay up all night’ off my checklist haha – can’t believe I still haven’t done that! The worrying thing is I’m already kinda sleepy it’s miles before I’d normally even consider going to bed too :S Oh well.

Think that’s about it, can’t think of anything else and if there is anything it mustn’t be important. Enjoy!


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hope you managed to stay up. you should take pro plus. it makes me need the loo badly but it helped me stay up all night a few times when finishing work. Why they cancelled heroes? (I dont watch it but I thought it had a good following)

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