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Can you buy friends on eBay?

Posted on: May 28, 2010

Knowing my luck, even if you could I’d always be outbid haha…

My parents are on holiday all week and now my brother’s gone to Scotland for the weekend so I have the house and the car completely to myself for a few days…and I have absolutely nothing to do!

I would have a gathering.. but erm.. I don’t have anyone to invite. The only person who would come round for a bit (Elizabeth) is still in Scarb so I’m left eating meals on my own and sitting watching TV or playing on my Xbox while everyone else is out having fun with their lives haha. I was supposed to be at work last night, at least then I would have some people to talk to and something to do but my shift got cancelled because there was too many staff in haha (normally this would be a good thing). I’M SICK OF BEING BORED! Someone do something with me?  Anything? Anyone? Hello? …Is anyone there?


1 Response to "Can you buy friends on eBay?"

I think I might come home next fri or saturday instead of the 9th. I’ll see how next week goes, no doubt I’ll be in my room on my own watching star trek voyager xx

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