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My Shiver Cast (Maggie Stiefvater)

Posted on: April 26, 2010

A while ago I created my personal choices for the cast of the book series House of Night by P.C & Kristen Cast and it went down really well, so I thought I’d create another one for you with my new favourite book – Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. I cannot press this enough: THESE ARE JUST MY PERSONAL CHOICES. Please don’t get angry if you don’t agree, feel free to comment with your suggestions for other actors/actresses or if you agree with the choices I’ve made. I’ve tried to explain my choices but if you still don’t understand why I’ve chosen them, feel free to comment and ask me more.

Grace – Eliza Bennett 

eliza bennett grace shiver













This one was really easy as I 100% agree with Maggie’s choice. I loved her in inkheart and the personality she protrayed in that film is how I imagine Grace is. She’s independant and sure of her own mind, has the cute factor without looking too young and innocent and comes with a natural beauty that suits Grace’s personality perfectly.

 Sam Roth – Steven R. McQueen

steven r mcqueen sam roth shiver maggie stiefvater










This one was a lot more difficult. As someone who is eternally annoyed by Arcitc Monkeys I found it really hard to imagine their frontman while reading Shiver so I looked for inspiration elsewhere. A lot of the actors I see on TV fall to one of two sides of a see-saw – either they’re obnoxious players or pathetic dweebs and it was difficult to find someone who could balance the see-saw evenly in the middle. I had noticed Steven R. McQueen a while ago and even included him in my House of Night castlist but now that I’ve read Shiver I think I made a mistake with that as he suits this kind of character a lot more than where I previously had him placed. Watching the Vampire Diaries it’s really easy to imagine the way he portays his character on there to be a simple step to Sam Roth.

Beck – Sean Bean

sean bean beck shiver maggie stiefvater

Yet again not an easy choice. I wanted to find someone who could play the father figure who was intelligent but could hunt and handle himself well in a fight. Someone who was manly but with a big heart that often resulted in morally grey decisions – even if they were for the right reasons. I first thought of Gerard Butler but he’s recently been typecast as a totally different kind of actor and I think the inclusion of him would bring in the wrong kind of audiences and they would be disappointed with a lack of killing and womanising. I came accross Sean Bean when I was looking for someone for Paul and I liked the idea of him but didn’t think he suited the part of Paul very well… then I realised how perfect he would be for the human leader rather than wolf leader.

Shelby – Juno Temple

juno temple shelby shiver maggie stiefvater

I hadn’t really heard of Juno Temple before this search, she was suggeted to me by a friend and after checking out some more photo’s and reading about what she’s done I decided she was great as my Shelby. I was looking for a girl who could look really pretty and girly if she wanted to, but chose a more tomboy look which matched her slightly aggressive personality. Juno seems to tick all the right boxes.

Jack Culpeper – Jake Able

jake abel jack culpepeper shiver maggie stiefvater

This is an actor I had in mind while reading the books. He first caught my eye in Supernatural and then later in Percy Jackson. He’s good at playing the agressive and obnoxious teenager without making it seem over the top or unnatural. I wanted someone who had played these type of characters before as someone who usually plays ‘nice guys’ wouldn’t convince me of his human agressive side. A nice guy would make you automatically think the anger came from the wolf side – despite what you were told.

Olivia – Magda Apanowicz

magda apanowicz olivia shiver maggie stiefvater

As far as I’m aware, Magda is quite unknown which is something I was looking for when considering Olivia. I bacame a fan of hers while watching Kyle XY and when reading Shiver it was her who inexplicably came to mind at the mention of the character of Olivia and I haven’t been able to think of anyone else playing her ever since. I’m not entirely sure what it is that made me think of her as Olivia, I suppose it’s the quirky not-quite-normal character she played on Kyle XY that I think matches well with Olivia’s character.

Rachel – Emma Roberts

emma roberts rachel shiver maggie stiefvater

This was another character I had difficulty with because when I read the books I tend not to have a mental image of her… just a ‘feeling’ about her personality etc and it’s hard to put a face to a feeling. I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy with the choice of Emma Roberts, maybe I need someone more bouncy and loveable and happy…?

Isabel Culpeper – Taylor Momsen

taylor momsen isabel culpeper shiver maggie stiefvater

This is another one I’m not entirely sure if I’m happy with. I know she can play the bitchy rich girl but I don’t know if she can pull off the ‘girly Paris Hilton wannabe’ look without it looking false. She’s may be too much of a rock chick at heart for it to look convincing. Perhaps this casting could be interchangable with Juno Temple/Shelby?

Paul – Timothy Olyphant

 timothy olyphant paul shiver maggie stiefvater

This was another difficult one as I couldn’t find a detailed description of Paul in the book. I needed someone who could pull off being a leader (pack) but without looking out of place with someone else leading (Sean Bean/Beck when human). I figured it was logical to have someone slightly younger as it would make sense that the pack leader was younger and stronger and faster but the human leader was older and wiser – that is how life works isn’t it?

Ulrik – Mads Mikkelsen

mads mikkelsen ulrik shiver maggie stiefvater

I’m aware he’s Danish and not German but I think he pulls off the whole mysterious European (being from the UK I hate saying that but I don’t know how else to put it) very well. He reminds me of someone who handles well in a fight but has a love for the gentle things in life – such as the poetry Ulrik teaches Sam. Seems perfect yes?

Salem – Steve Buscemi

steve buscemi salem shiver maggie stiefvater

If he isn’t the perfect Salem I don’t know who is! He’s amazing at portraying those who aren’t quite there and would easily convince us that he’s Salem. ‘Nuff said.


Well that’s all I have so far. If I’ve forgotten anyone important – I don’t think I have! – let me know and I’ll get on it ASAP. Please leave your comments to let me know what you think of my choices, who you agree with, who you don’t, who you would prefer, did you think of these? Would you put any of them as other characters instead? Also, here’s a video montage of my choices with a few extra photos, Enjoy!


2 Responses to "My Shiver Cast (Maggie Stiefvater)"

OK well I havent read the books (I will at some point lol) so I cant say whether I agree or not but a film with Steve Buscemi and Juno Temple and Steven R McQueen would deffinately make me wana see it. (I love Steve Buscemi but he looks so old on that photo :[)

Oh and Jake Abel, LOL that made me laugh coz I saw him first in Percy Jackson then when I was watching supernatural I was like woah I’m sure thats Luke!

I’ll have to read the books at some point then give a better feedback.

p.s. I want Juno Temples hair! It always looks amazing! curly, dreaded, straight….

In my opinion Steven Strait as Sam would be a great choice.He has “that” thing which makes him mysterious and not extremely hot even if he’s really handsome.
Now about Grace.I believe that Rachel Hurd-Wood could handle that role with big success.She has natural beauty and i can easily imagine her around Mercy Falls’ wolves 🙂

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