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Whitney Houston = Epic Fail A.K.A The worst night of my life.

Posted on: April 23, 2010

We were really busy up until 9:15 when she went on.. then we went dead… then we got MEGA busy at 9:30 when a lot of people walked out  haha

We didn’t know what was goin on, half the staff had gone home and we were jst refilling and serving stragglers until something happened and hundreds of people came back out demanding drinks! We were so busy they had to try and catch staff that hadn’t gone home yet and get them to clock back in to help us serve, it was busier than it had been before she went on! It died down a little bit after about 10-15 mins but there was contstantly people going home and booing her and I can’t say I blame them, she sounded like utter shit and she barely even sang and when she did she missed the high notes!

I finally got to go at quarter to 11 (or so I thought). I got to the mini staff car park (under the redheugh bridge at the bottom of the stairs) and there was like 80 taxis going absolutely nowhere just parked up EVERYWHERE blocking all the roads, I couldn’t turn right and go along the back lane, I couldn’t turn left then infront of the arean up to the top, I couldn’t cut up through to the big car park, I couldn’t even go down to the river and along the front. To be honest, there was so many of them I couldn’t even get out of the car park. It was an absolute joke! I was talking to one of the car park people and she told me to pretty much give up hope.. so after an argument with a foreign taxi driver who was getting right on my nerves I parked again and went back inside (I very very nearly went over to the police to tell them to sort it all out!)

I then stood inside for 25 mins and decided I might aswel wait for Cate to finish work and offer her a lift home (I’d be diverted so far I was practically at hers anyway) when we finally got out  the traffic was still shit, so we tried goin up through the big car park like I had planned earlier but  the gates were closed so turned around and came back down and the road infront of the arena was also still closed so all we could do was go down the back lane still full of taxis which didn’t take too long (but long enough) we then couldn’t turn right at the centre for life due to epic traffic so went straight along (PAST THE ARENA AGAIN) but then 2 taxis that were driving infront of me just stopped in the middle of the road without even indicating to say they were pulling over – next to cars already pulled over (I broke the horn out for that one). We then carried on going to the corner where about 5 cars just randomly pulled out of the junction infront of me – my road follows round and theirs is a junction so they shouldn’t have – I should have tooted again (Cate was like “WHAT IS GOING ON? CARS DONT LIKE YOU!) we finally got to the roundabout in the right lane and some fucker in the wrong lane just stopped and blocked my lane (she was trying to go around and then join stand still traffic later than she should have) – this was another occurance I should have tooted. When we finally got passed that, we went up passed newcastle college and down towards St James’ blvd. I turned left to go up to Cates, and straight away saw blue flashing lights…

It turned out someone had been run over at the next set of lights, we got passed but it was obvious I wudnt get bak down because they had been hit on that side of the road. There was about three ambulances and four police cars – crazy stuff. I dropped Cate off then had to find an alternative route home. I thought I knew where I was going and turned right at St James’ Park and headed through the west side of the city… but I got totally fucking lost think I went in a really big circle at one point but I did eventually find the A1. At first I thought it was closed it was so deserted but I was so happy to be at 70mph and getting somewhere in the direction of home! I got halfway there and the roadworks started… from Lobley Hill all the way to the Angel was one lane traffic at 50mph where I was stuck behind a stupid lorry doing about 35mph!

I did finally get home at 00:09 …I had clocked out of work at 22:46!



1 Response to "Whitney Houston = Epic Fail A.K.A The worst night of my life."

oh dear. I guess they’re still roadworking there. They had roadworks on the A1 on the bridgy bit I think so you had to leave at the last sliproad in newcastle and rejoin over at gateshead if you wanted. Me and my mam discovered this at like 11pm on a wednesday night once (so you think it would be quiet, thered been no match and its usually dead)….for some reason it was mega busy and took like half an hour to get down a hill because of the traffic lights at the roundabout near b&q (I assume you know where I mean here, I dont know its proper name). My mam also got lost in Benwell where I had to direct her, luckily I used to drive round there on my driving lessons sometimes or I wouldnt have had a clue where we were either.

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