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2010 Checklist Update

Posted on: April 6, 2010

Other than this line. This is just a repost of my previous 2010 Checklist. It was just getting too far down my list of posts and more difficult to find.

Rather than a list of random ambitions of things I havn’t done before I thought I’d do a checklist of things I want my year to include, even the little things! (including the same things as the previous post plus a few more)

  • Get my tattoo 11/01/10
  • Go to America 24/08/10
  • Graduate 20/07/10
  • Lose half a stone 12/10/10
  • see blink-182 live 30/08/10
  • Go to the beach 12/07/10
  • Sledge in the snow 06/01/10
  • Read 10 books 02/06/10
  • Go to a country I’ve never been to before
  • Meet 10 new people 26/06/10
  • Do something I’m scared to (crowd surfing) 30/08/10
  • Sing Karaoke
  • Sleep in a tent 30/08/10
  • Ride a horse
  • Bake a cake 08/02/10
  • Go to a Newcastle match 05/04/10
  • Go out in fancy dress 20/03/10
  • Have a picnic
  • See a stand-up comedian
  • Stay awake all night 23-24/05/10 – LOST finale night
  • Change someone’s opinion on something important
  • Get some photos printed off 26/06/10
  • Take 1,000 photos 31/07/10 – 1,044
  • Laugh until I cry 17/04/10 (at the way me and my mam laugh haha)
  • Cry until I laugh
  • Turn 21 with style
  • Get 100 followers on Twitter
  • Meet someone famous and have a conversation with them
  • See an African Elephant and name it Lancelot 24/08/10

That’s it for now, I’ll come back and edit it when I think of more/complete some. Today’s song has been used before, but it’s definitely an apt song for the day Robbie Williams – No Regrets http://blip.fm/~j1gam Enjoy!


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