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Thinking of a blog title is hard.

Posted on: March 31, 2010

What a strange day…

 When I went shopping with my mam yesterday I realised that my usual size for things wasn’t fitting anymore. This was not a good sign. It also meant that all my old holiday clothes don’t fit anymore either and I would have to spend even more money rebuying things I already have. So today I decided I was going to exercise and lose that weight.

I’m no good at weights, or cardio, or anything that tires me out to be honest, so I decided a nice long walk was the way to go. Elizabeth walked down and I met her on the bridge over the A1 (weird place to meet, I know) then we headed round passed The Bowes and onto ‘the path’. It’s just one long straight path from here down to god knows how far away. The weather could have been better but we’d been sensible and dressed for it relatively well so it wasn’t that bad. It was actually a nice walk and reminded me of when I was 16 and we used to go down there quite often (radgies). We explored a few forks in the path but always doubled back onto the same track and managed to get all the way to kibblesworth. By then we thought we should head back as Elizabeth was heading to her Nanas at about 4.

Somehow we managed to walk back up quicker than it took us to get down (no idea how that worked) so we decided to have a walk around Foxy’s Pond to see if we could see any frogs. It wasn’t the same as either of us remembered though 😦 The weather had raised the water level quite a bit and someone/something had been in and dug up all around the back so where there used to be grass and bushes and stuff it was just mud. We walked around the path along the edge of the pond, but because the water was so high the path was quite narrow in places so I decided to climb up a little way and walk along the mud (we had wellies on anyway), the thing I didn’t take into consideration was what water does to mud. Think I managed about 2 steps before my leg randomly disappeared haha. I was literally knee deep in mud. With a little bit of help from Elizabeth I managed to free my leg and stand on a plank of wood, but rather stupidly while freeing one leg I’d managed to make the other one sink – pretty badly too. Took me about 10 minutes, a lot of laughter, some sticks and some more planks of wood (and possibly a pulled muscle) and I finally managed to dig myself free of the mud…well apart from the thick layer of black mud that was still caked around my wellies (Are you proud I managed to free them too? I wasn’t walking home in my socks haha). I then climbed down and jumped into the stream to clean myself off a bit, but there was still a load of mud on my jeans and it really stank so we decided to call it a day. Walking back home the horses were giving me some really strange looks. I think they knew.

When I finally got home we’d had a  fish fatality 😦 One of my favourite ones too – sad times. That’s two this week! Hopefully no more will die though, at least not the sole remaining Angel fish – he really is beautiful!

After a nap and warming up I decided to strip the colour from my hair. I was sick of the faded red with roots look. I didn’t really expect it to work because Emma had used it recently and it didn’t really do much to her hair but I did my usual trick of leaving it on longer than it tells you to and it turned out…wait for it… BLONDE! Eek. I can’t decide whether it looks ok or horrible though haha. I have to leave it for a bit though because I have no hair dye and I was wanting to get it done properly anyway. I just can’t afford it right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to get something done before I go to work on tuesday…

Strange day, yes? Enjoy!

1 Response to "Thinking of a blog title is hard."

aww all you fish are dying. I told my mam that the pond looked like it had been dug out and she said my dad had said something like that coz he passes it on his daily jog

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