Random Ranting…

The most ‘thosey’ of one of THOSE days ever.

Posted on: March 12, 2010

Urgh. Just…Urgh.

 Today just kept getting worse and worse.

I woke up at 10:09 – late. I then stupidly quickly got dressed and left the house at 10:16. I was planning on going to the post office before uni (due to missing my bus by seconds yesterday, I missed the delivery I was expecting by 20 minutes) so went to the other side of the road for the bus stop (it was really weird, I didn’t have time to put my iPod on so I could hear the world – I’m really not used to that). I was at the bus stop by 10:24 but by 10:33 the bus still wasn’t there, it was that shitty rain and severe wind that umbrellas were no use against so I was getting soaking and at that side of the road there’s no shelter. It got to the point where I wouldn’t have enough time to go to Chester Le Street before I had to be in town for my meeting so I ran to my normal side of the road and luckily the bus came rather soonish.

I was in town about half an hour early so went to ask my tutor if we could move my meeting up.  He claimed he was ‘in the middle of something’ (although it looked to me like he was just checking his emails) so told me to come back at half past like we’d planned… So I went and checked my emails and facebook then sat outside his room until half past.

My meeting lasted a mere 7 minutes. Why did he not have time for that half an hour ago? I figured with the post office not closing until 50 minutes time I could get there today isntead of waiting until tomorrow to get my delivery. Practically ran down Northumberland street and luckily a 21 came quite quickly. According to the timetable it took 40 minutes to get to Chester Le Street. The post office was due to close in 42. The Top Gear Challenge commences.

It was looking like I wasn’t going to make it, we were only jst leaving Birtley and I only had 6 minutes left. I had planned on getting off the bus at the top of the main street but the drivers decided to swap at the bottom so I got in a huff and got off and pretty much ran up the hill – in the rain. I finally got to the post office, ran to the back where collections were and luckily it was still open. When it was my turn I handed over my card, signed for the big box, and turned to walk away. Out of sheer habit I checked to see that it definitely had my address on it. Oh it had my address on it alright….AND MY BROTHERS NAME! All that hassle for a delivery for my brother? It was at that point that I realised MY delivery could have been coming today…about now… while I was in Chester Le Street. I was actually quite lucky and the 25 was due any time now so I got home pretty quick (more rain) but the post had already been. This time there was no missed delivery card though. I still can’t work out if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand, I didn’t miss it and hopefully it will come tomorrow – on the other hand, I wanted to make my brother go to Chester Le Street to pick it up in the morning.

Bah. Such is life.

2 Responses to "The most ‘thosey’ of one of THOSE days ever."

I hate those days and I do feel sorry for you but I must admit that the bit about it being your bro’s parcel did make me giggle slightly … sorry lol. I guess its just nice for me to know that stuff like that doesnt just happen to me.

Did the ‘pick-up-your-parcel’ note not say gary or G rose? they normally but the name on them

Nah it just said ROSE on it. My camera came today (eventually) even though it didn’t have a house number or street name on. Guess the royal mail aren’t as hopeless as I’d always imagined – although it does prove that people selling on ebay are generally idiots

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