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The most photographed holiday ever?

Posted on: March 2, 2010

It turns out me and Elizabeth are planning to record pretty much every second of Florida/NY

My family have always been known to be snap happy. We’re usually the unofficial photographers of any kind of social gathering – always the first to reach for our cameras to take a photo of pretty much anything that happens. With that in mind it was obvious there was going to be a lot of photos taken in Florida and New York when me and Elizabeth go in August – but if things go the way they seem to be we’re going to look like a film crew.

I’ll be taking my normal digital camera (obviously) and have already planned to get a Flip Camcorder for my 21st so we can film moments that are just too good to be static photographs. However, we’re not stopping there – I’m assuming Elizabeth will have her normal camera with her too and I’m planning on buying a fisheye camera – if not Elizabeth has one she can bring, or even as well if I do manage to buy one. Elizabeth has also mentioned buying a Diana camera, which is like a mini plastic camera with multiple lenses/flashes.

Overall I think we’re going to have some pretty damn amazing and plentiful photos for you all to see just how much fun we had without you.

Have some music that I’ve personally deemed as ‘summer time music’ Owl City – Fireflies http://blip.fm/~m1uha (that link makes me want to go Muahahaha!!!) Enjoy!

2 Responses to "The most photographed holiday ever?"

I also have a split lense camera which means we could put our heads on mickey’s body etc lol … except I think I broke it as it was just cheap and I decided to unscrew it too see how it worked and now the lense doesnt shut properly so I think light may continually flood the film…I’ll have to investigate and see if it works or now :]

Haha that could make some erm…interesting fotos 😛 xxx

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