Random Ranting…

Erm… Yeah.

Posted on: February 27, 2010

I’m in a weird mood and don’t feel like sleeping (4:48am) so I thought I’d blog.

I’m not entirely sure if the mood I’m in is a good one or a bad one. It’s kind of like a bad mood…that I like being in so I’m happy. If that makes any sense at all…

I really want to go shopping tomorrow and buy something new to wear tomorrow night. However, at the same time I can’t be bothered to try anything on, don’t want to spend any money, and don’t know if I want to go out tomorrow night. Haha I think I’m broken.

Also, I feel like it’s time to do something new and different…but at the same time something obviously very me (no idea what thought). It’s as though I’m nervous/excited because something is going to happen. I’m ready for something fun to happen! Man, I’m even confusing myself here, you must be thinking I’ve lost the plot.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Joan Jett and I watched Twilight before (Kristen Stewart – playing Joan Jett), also Elizabeth mentioned the runaways on twitter earlier, so it’s brought out my ‘rock’ side. So I feel like buying a new outfit that kind of links in with that – rock chick, glamourous but at the same time kind of..different and individual that I can then wear to Krash tomorrow, meet some new people, pretend I’m confident, take lots of funny photos and have a really good night. But whenever you PLAN to have a good time it’s always a let down, the best nights are always the ones you don’t expect.

Usually when I’m in this kind of mood I want to buy a fisheye lens camera because photos taken like that always look really cool, no matter what they are of and it always makes me think that the person taking the photo is having a fun time and enjoying their life…being individual and different… and at the minute my life is kind of boring – not BAD, just boring – nothing much happens, and when something does happen..it’s nothing original or exciting. It’s usually just uni, work, the cinema or a bit of shopping. I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy the last two – but they’re hardly rocking the boat are they?

On that note, does anyone feel like doing something random? Something worth blogging about? Worth taking photos of? Worthy of ‘remember when’ in 10 years time? Any ideas – let me know.

Have some Joan Jett – Bad Reputationhttp://blip.fm/~ltgp3 Enjoy!

1 Response to "Erm… Yeah."

I have a fisheye camera! I really wana use it on a night out sometime but its too big to fit in my bag…I need a nice bigish bag LOL (actually it might fit in my speaker bag but my cameras at home so I can try it out)…also the film has a habit of coming unhooked grrr. I want the new pink fisheye but I really want a mini diana coz then I could fit that in my bad on a night out.

I know what you mean about rock chick clothing…I want some thing like that for my rock princess outfit and I know what I want in my head its just a matter of finding it this year and not 3 years later. I also need new clothes, I hate going out now coz I have nothing new to wear and Im sick of my old stuff….I have just purchased 2 new shoes offa ebay though.

Yay we’ll go see runaways, it should be on at tyneside cinema if nowhere else but im assuming with kristen stewart and dakota fanning it might be on in main cinemas

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