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Lucifer Is Coming

Posted on: February 16, 2010

Just a quick post to ask you to join my army in the fight against the apocalypse!

To advertise the new season of Supernatural on LivingTV in the UK they’re running a competition where the winner gets themself a trip to Vancouver to visit the set and possibly take part in an episode (Yay, extra!) but in order to win you have to follow the clues to find Sigils (symbols) on the internet and in the real world. So far I have all the sigils released (only 5 to go) but I’m severely lacking on the ‘alliances’ side of things and I really would appreciate more points!

So please if you havn’t already signed up then head on over to http://www.luciferiscoming.com/services/showprofile.php?id=29461&ref=nf and all you need to do is put ur email address in for me to gain some points (you don’t have to play if you don’t want). Or, if you’re already part of the competition please ally with my army at http://www.luciferiscoming.com/game/profile/29461 I’m willing to help all those allied with me with any sigil they need. 

Thankyou and goodnight!

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