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Finiteness really annoys me!

Posted on: February 4, 2010

I’m sick of things ending!

If I had my way, there would be an infinite supply of things I like in good quality. I’m sick of running out of what I want, it’s just not fair.

A couple of months ago I blitzed through quite a few books and two days ago decided it had been too long since I had read anything so decided to read the book I had bought in October and never had time to read (stupid assignments). The problem is, I’ve finished it already, and although there’s a sequel in the works it’s not out until July. That annoys me, I really enjoyed the book (Maggie Stiefvater – Shiver) and wanted to know more and keep reading and carry on living in that world..but I couldn’t. I ran out of pages.

So I decided to try and get over it by reading something else so I headed over to the Waterstones website to see what I could get. Turns out there’s a new House of Night book…but not until April or something… There’s a new Immortals book… in March… There’s even going to be a new Night World book… sometime this year. A new Vampire Diaries book…in May. I want them NOW! I’m sick of waiting, I wish they were just there ready for me as soon as I wanted them, and to keep coming until I was bored of them.

The thing is, I only read one type of book, supernatural romance, because that’s what I wish my life was like and by reading those kind of books I can pretend it is, I can forget my world and live through their’s. That’s why I get annoyed when I’m rather rudely thrust back into my own reality. My reality sucks. I went to the book shop anyway, to search in vain for something that looks like it’s worth reading. Instead, I found myself getting increasingly annoyed at just how many of them I had already read…and the rest of them seemed to be aimed at kids or were stories I didn’t really like the look of. I ended up with a book called City of Bones by Cassandra Clare that Louise recommended to me, which is good because there’s a book two and three so it will take me longer to get to the inevitable end.

So boredum struck me last night with nothing to read so I decided to watch a film. I went over to imdb to see what kind of films I could find of a similar nature… I failed.
The Covenant – seen it
Underworld – seen it
Underworld Evolution – seen it
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans – seen it
Twilight – seen it
New Moon – seen it
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – seen it
Van Helsing – seen it
Dorian Gray – seen it
Daybreakers – seen it
Queen Of The Damned – seen it
Interview With A Vampire – seen it
Blood and Chocolate – seen it

I even stretched out as far as X-men, Hellboy, even Riddick! … all films I’ve already seen! I need an infinite supply of films too 😦 I’ve even seen all the TV programs of a similar nature (or at least all the ones I’m ever going to watch)

If you can think of anything I might not have seen, please let me know… Although I probably have seen it just couldn’t think of it to add to the list. Oh and if perchance you’re a movie producer/author/tv producer… make more supernatural romance! I know there’s a lot and it’s the ‘big thing’ at the minute, but I still love it! It’s not my fault that everyone else is just catching on now!

What I’m listening to right now – Samples of the Alice in Wonderland Soundtrack
http://bit.ly/9KarUP Enjoy!

2 Responses to "Finiteness really annoys me!"

oo yay a new house of night book!
Okay so I know they arent vampires etc but wicked lovely (and then there’s 2 more and eventually more I hope) by Melissa Marr is a looovely love story about humans and faeries and stuff and I love them. You could always try reading blood and chocolate, tis slightly different to the film though it’s really old and I decided I wanted a copy (having read it in the library a few years before the film came out) I had to buy it from amazon.

ermmm film wise, there’s nightwatch and daywatch (also books). You might be able to find a dubbed version otherwise it’ll be in russian with subtitles. There’s also let the right one in – cant remember if the film was gorry (not as gorry or as good as the book though).

There’s the craft (witches), skinwalkers (werewolves) gingersnaps (werewolves) … cant think of anymore unless you fancy some anime then there’s vampire knight (I have series 1 on dvd if you ever wana borrow it – havent finished watching it yet though)

Have you tried any of the Blue Bloods books by Melissa De La Cruz? I really liked those.

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