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It’s a small world after all!

Posted on: February 1, 2010


We’re all booked up for the summer now!

On friday me and Elizabeth went to the travel agents to look at some prices and stuff for America (inevitably Florida) and ended up spending an hour and a half in Thomsons and didn’t even look anywhere else haha.

First off we looked at 2 weeks in florida, we looked at staying in a disney hotel but it meant that it would be really hard to access universal/sea world etc so instead we opted for international drive, priced up all the flights and park tickets too and it was a lot cheaper than we had expected so we decided to add 3 days in new york on the end. The lass we were talking to rang up Thomson Tailormade to sort that all out and it turned out even cheaper than we originally had! Totally confusing… turns out they’d put us in a different hotel in orlando which looked a bit rubbish to be honest. So we went home and discussed it with our parentals then went back again today.

We got them to change the orlando hotel to the one we were originally looking at and then it turned out they’d added up the prices for the park tickets wrong and it was £100 more but after all that it ended up even cheaper again! No idea how all that happened… but now we’re booked up and ready to go! I’ve been bouncing around the house to my Disney CD all day, I’m like a child I’m so excited!

Turns out Cate from work is in the same hotel, arriving 4 days later than us so that should be cool, someone to hang round with when we’re all bored haha, it is a small world after all…

I can get an I heart NY t-shirt from NY! How cool is that?!

1 Response to "It’s a small world after all!"

hahaha I was totally planning on getting an I heart NY t-shirt tooo.
I really want one of those I bridge NC t-shirts from electric sheep but Iv still never got round to going in and geting one

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