Random Ranting…

The end was nigh…

Posted on: January 3, 2010

I know, I know… I’ve been AWOL and I apologise (a little bit) but all you would have had anyway was random pointless blogs along the lines of  ‘wooo christmas’, ‘wooo snow’ and ‘booo work’. So to save you some time from reading posts I haven’t wrote..here’s a summary of December:

  • I took two weeks off from going to lectures to get my assignments done, I went in with my mam every day and was at a computer by 8:30. Usually lasted about 2 hours then went home.
  • During that time I only worked one shift at work
  • I then started working again on the 22nd, worked one show that day. 3 shows, 2 venues on the 23rd, 2 shows on the 24th, off on the 25th (obv), 2 shows on the 26th, 2 shows on the 27th, off on the 28th, 3 shows, 2 venues on the 29th, 2 shows on the 30th, off on the 31st, one show on the first and one show on the 2nd.
  • For new year’s eve I spent the day at my cousin’s for Marley’s 1st birthday party…along with about 7 children under the age of 2. I did nothing on the night.
  • There has been snow on the ground continuously for about 2 or 3 weeks now, bar one day when the snow got mostly washed away, but then came back a few hours later.
  • I haven’t been sledging 😦 I wanted to. I did build a snowman but he’s dead now
  • Me and Elizabeth tried to go shopping and to see Avatar but it was too busy/fully booked

That’s about it 🙂

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