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My House of Night Cast

Posted on: November 10, 2009

There’s no one online to talk to and I’m really bored so I thought I’d do this…

I decided to cast the characters of the House Of Night books. My only problem is that I can’t find anyone good enough to play Zoey, I think if they ever did make a TV show/film it would have to be an unknown. I also didn’t find a Grandma Redbird because I don’t know any old Cherokee women…

Anyway, here it goes:

hunter parrish james starkJames Stark – Hunter Parrish from Weeds. He has short hair now that he’s older but I think he’d be a better Stark with longer hair. (I’m not completely satisfied with this choice to be honest)









steven r mcqueen - heath luckHeath Luck – Steven R. McQueen from Vampire Diaries. If I think of someone else to play Stark then I think Hunter Parris would be good as Heath too. Steven R. McQueen does seem like a good fit though, his character on Vampire Diaries is similar too (not the reason I picked him though) but I think maybe he’d be better if he lightened his hair…

 chace_crawford erik night


Erik Night Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl. Maybe a bit old compared to the rest of them but I just couldn’t think of anyone with his kind of looks who is younger and doesn’t look too boyish and cutsie.








 Nick-D-Agosto damien maslin

Damien Maslin – Nicholas D’Agosto from Heroes. Good looking but with the cutsie edge that means he could pull off being gay but not really camp.

 jeremy sumpter jack









Jack Twist – Jeremy Sumpter from Peter Pan. Sweet and innocent looking, could pull off the whole weak, girly campness – but maybe a little bit young to be paired with Nicholas D’Agosto?





Hayden-Panettiere- stevie raeStevie Rae Johnson – Hayden Panettiere from Heroes. She has the southern belle thing down to a T and just oozes with ‘friendly and innocent’ which matches the first few books but she can pull off the bitchyness for later on in the plot lines. I also considered her as Aphrodite…







taylor swift - erin batesErin Bates – Taylor Swift from…erm..music. There are a lot of pretty blondes in this series and I guess I was kind of running out of ideas when I stumbled upon her. I think she could be quite good as Erin, the whole fashion centred thing would suit her well.




dana_davis shauneeShaunee Cole – Dana Davis from Heroes (I didn’t even notice this theme until I was typing it up). She can play a right bitch when she wants to but she really pulls off the loyal friend thing.




kaley cuoco aphroditeAphrodite LaFont – Kaley Cuoco from 8 Simple Rules/Charmed/Big Bang Theory. Just trust me when I say she’d be the perfect Aphrodite!










matt dallas loren blakeLoren Blake – Matt Dallas from Kyle XY. He looks pretty much exactly how I imagined Blake to look (don’t really know why). I think his age is about right compared to the rest of them too (maybe not Chace…)









Jared_Padalecki darius

 Darius – Jared Padalecki from Supernatural. This could mainly be because I love him. A lot of people suggested Tom Welling as Darius but I don’t think he’d work, I’m not sure of his age compared to Jared but I think Tom Welling looks too old.

 ewan_mcgregor dragon lankfordProfessor Dragon Lankford – Ewan McGregor from lots of things. He has the small friendly look to him but would do great in a sword/foil/lightsabre fight and can pull off being dangerous just like Dragon.





jennifergarner lenobiaProfessor Lenobia – Jennifer Garner from lots of things. She looks calm and intellectual but with that kind of other side to her that you don’t want to mess with.rose_mcgowan_neferet










Neferet – Rose McGowan from Charmed. Come on, you know she’d make the perfect Neferet! She’s beautiful, elegant and everyone could easily fall in love with her… but everyone knows she has a twisted side to her.








taylor lautner kalonaKalona – Taylor Lautner from Twilight. No, this wasn’t just an excuse to include him (mainly). I realise that he’s a lot younger than Rose McGowan but he’s only supposed to appear about 19 to Zoey….and perfectly godlike. Agreed?







I think with a cast list like this I know the perfect person to play Zoey… Me! What do you think? (After having Taylor as Kalona I may have to change my opinion on who I want Zoey to end up with…you think I could have Taylor as Stark? I need a hotter Stark!

Today’s song is Robbie’s new single complete with VERY WEIRD video. Robbie Williams – You Know Me http://blip.fm/~g4b7o Enjoy!


27 Responses to "My House of Night Cast"

haha awsome.

So I dont know who I would pick so I’ll just judge your characters.
Stark = I always assumed dark hair (maybe coz he’s my fav and I seem to like guys with dark hair atm)
Heath = well I always thought he’d look a bit more jocky but he’ll do
Eric = perfect, darker hair but perfect :]
Damien – fine
Jack = well I dunno, mayb coz I used to love this guy when peter pan came out so I just cant cope with him being gay lol, but I seem to imagine them all with dark hair lol
Stevie rae = well cut her hair and she might do lol
erin – never really thought of her much but ok i guess but shaunee seems perfect
aphrodite = welll i always imagined her a bit more pointy faced like taylor swift but this lassy is a pretty awsome person and therefore do
loren = niiiiiice. I see random eps of kyle xy on bbc2, have no idea what its about but its good
dairus – well i thought a bit more padded an muscley but jarred is nice :]
dragon = ewan mcgreggor is perfect for everything! as is jennifer ganrer
neferet = the picture looks good, no idea who she is though
kalona = 😀 :D:D:D:D:D :] lol!!!

how come your xfactor blog has a rating but i cant find one on here?

there is one here, I voted excellent for myself 😛

Have you never seen charmed? Rose McGowan is Paige from season 4-8. She was also engaged to Marilyn Manson for a bit and has a habit of being a bit weird. Perfect for Neferet, plus she’s ginger and i’m sure it says Neferet has ‘auburn hair’ which is dark ginger.

It says stark has lightbrown/blond hair lol so I’ve always thought of him as blond. I’m pretty sure Jack is blond too… and Hayden has shoulder length hair now so would be a great Stevie Rae.

I thought about the guy who plays Matt in Vampire Diaries as Heath but I figured he wasn’t hot enough haha. There’s also a guy called Aaron Hill (google him) who would be perfect if he was younger.

mm I think Aaron Hill is better plus he is meant to be a bit older anyway lol.
No Ive never seen charmed apart from random like 5 mintues now and then. I was tempted to buy some seasons when I was going through my ‘lets-buy-cheap-tv-series-offa-amazon’ period…but I didnt lol.

I guess I missed the bit about Stark being blonde :[ no fair, I seem to prefer dark these days therefore Stark is dark in my head. But yea I think Jack may be blonde, I think he is on the pictures on her website

Found the rate button :] was hidden coz of the pictures lol

Nah wasn’t Heath the same age as Zoey?? Aaron Hill would be perfect if he was younger. You have Damien, Erik, Darius, Kalona and Loren with dark hair, let me have Stark with lighter hair haha

I am with you on that! Let us have our Stark with lighter hair!! It may be dark on their website but in the book Zoey describes it as between brown and blonde and I always pictured Stark to have lighter hair! Gotta love us some STARK!

finally! i’m not the only one that thinks that Erik Night should be Chace Crawford! everyone thinks Chace should be Heath Luck, but he’s to “drama-ish” like he is in Gossip Girl. I think Chace is excellent for Erik cause he can pull of being poetic and in drama, and he is sometimes and ass! For Heath i think that guy that plays as Matt Donavan in the Vampire Diaries should be Heath cause he is a jock and he can act as a guy who does drinking and wants to “do it”. I love your Damien and Jack! They’re cute as hell! Dragon looks kinda weird to me, but he’s okay. Love your choices for Lenobia, Neferet, and Darius. Loren and Kalona are okay, but Kalona should be the Prince Caspian guy and Loren should be Padaleki’s brother from Supernatural. SORRY I TYPE A LOT! I JUST FOUND SUM1 THAT HAD ALMOST THE SAME CHOICES AS ME. PLEASE REPLY BACK.

I don’t think Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian) is muscular enough to be Kalona to be honest, he’s just too ‘average’ haha. If you look at my comment up there a bit ^^ I mentioned Matt from VD for Heath too but decided he wasn’t hot enough haha, I suggested Aaron Hill from Greek as an alternative?? As for Jensen Ackles (Padalecki’s bro in supernatural) I think he’s too ‘manly’ to be a romantic poet, I dunno if he’d pull it off. Plus, don’t you think it would be a bit weird to have them both in it? Haha

ur probably right about them. i didn’t think of that. sorry! but ur cast is awesome! i so totally love Chace as Erik. i ahd other celebrities in mind for the characters but i’m still trying to officially pick which one is which. Oh and thanks for replying. For STark i think he should be ….. idk! Maybe for Kalona he could be Ian Somerhalder. oh do u know if it’s gonna be a movie? I really hope it will be. 😀

I think the rights have been sold for it to be a movie, but nothing has officially started filming or anything. I hope so! I’d be happy with a TV show!

Darius is perfect! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought of the lovely Jared for the role 😀

As for Loren….Matt Dallas is okay, but I’d much rather Jensen Ackles ❤ He's got the looks, the amazing sexy voice, and there's always this little glint in his eye that girls and women swoon over. Loren Blake= Jensen Ackles. 'nuff said.

Ummm what about Zoey…? And I pictured Stark as Matt Lanter lol. But Matt Lanter with long hair, like when he aired on season two of 90210, his hair was longer than usual… lol. It reminded me of Stark ALOT.

When I pictured Kalona, I pictured just a hot 30-35 year old with long hair and an 8 pack haha

It says at the very top I couldn’t find anyone good enough for Zoey and think it should be someone unknown

Hi!! OMG. For Darius? Jared Padalecki? LOVE HIM! But if you love him- youll love Jensen Ackles. I pictured him as Kalona. Watch him on CW on Thursday nights 9pm SUPERNATURAL!! MY FAVE!! Let me know what u think of him as Kalona.

I’d really appreciate it if everyone read the comments before asking questions that have already been answered

I think chace should be switched w/ jared… jared is more erik to me.

and where is Zoey!?!

I think Taylor Lautner for Kalona is your best match out of any of the characters! He just fits it so perfect but i definatly think you can find someone better for Darius and Loren like they really dont fit at all for the charaters. I also think that someone like Daren Kagasoff would play a better Erik Night! But the rest I think are pretty good I hope it turns into a movieeeee

Hi there 😀 I think Hayden Panettiere should play Aphrodite LaFont. She has face like an angel but she can play bitch (I love U Beth Cooper). And Stevie Rae Johnson has crazy curly hair and freckles:P Actress should be small, thin and crazy 😛

I like Heath, Erik, Damien, Jack, Shaunee, Loren and Neferet 🙂 They are great. Good actors for this characters.

wow, i love your idea of the cast but why make taylor lautner the one i hate most in the books? but i looove the guy whos playing Jack he has such an awesome smile=D

I totally agree on a lot of your choices. I think Stark’s hair is supposed to be between brown and blonde like the guy you picked. That’s how it’s described when Zoey first sees him. I totally love you choice for Kalona!!!! I can literally see black wings coming off of Taylor Lautner’s back in that picture! AWESOME CHOICE!! I think if Jared played Darius he’d have to bulk up a bit, but he’d be great!

I totally love your ideas! Cept that i think hayden and taylor swift should switch places. I think taylor swift would make a much better stevie rae.

[…] A while ago I created my personal choices for the cast of the book series House of Night by P.C & Kristen Cast and it went down really well, so I thought I’d create another one for you with my new […]

I think that aphrodite should be either the girl you picked or hilary duff cause she seems like a good choice for that. Um stevie rae should be either A:EMily osmet B:Alexa Vega
Shaunee should be Kiley Williams and erik night should be Tyson Ritter and best part SHAY MITCHELL as Zoey!

Neferet should be scarlet johanson If anyone saw her in Xmen
Um I Said before
Zoey-Shay Mitchell or maybe kathrine Mcphee or Janel Parrish
erik-tyson ritter
Shaunee-kiley williams
Erin-Haden Paninttere
Heath-Zachary merrick
Venus-Ashley Benson or her as aphrodite
Hopefully you read this and look em up and agree with me;D

[…] hunter parrish james stark hayleyrose1989.wordpress.com […]

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