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Is your brain for display purposes only?

Posted on: November 9, 2009

Just because the X Factor didn’t go the way you wanted it to DOES NOT mean it’s fixed!

[RANT] I’ve been trying so hard not to blog about the X Factor.

Yes, I watch it.

Yes, I love it.

No, I don’t care what you think about it.

I’m one of the people who love watchin John and Edward. I know they can’t sing but I don’t take the X Factor so seriously. It’s purely an entertainment show, you need to remember that it’s sole purpose is to entertain the 6 million people who are watching rather than it’s sole purpose being to find someone who can sing really well. The past has shown us that it doesn’t matter who wins. Steve whatever he’s called and that Leon lad from 2 years ago could sing really well, won the show, and now where are they? Anyone? Exactly! No one knows or cares. JLS didn’t win, they weren’t the BEST singers in the show last year, but they’re doing pretty damn well.


The point of the show is to last from August to Christmas and pull in millions of viewers each week, get some headlines, and get a lot of people to spend their money voting. If the result of that isn’t what you wanted, it doesn’t mean it’s a fix, it means you didn’t vote enough. It also means you’re stupid enough to think that the whole point of it is anything but to entertain people.

John and Edward might not be able to sing, that’s true, but they’re damn fun to watch. Simon Cowell was exactly right when he said what he did on Sunday night. Neither them nor Lucie were going to win. What’s more entertaining, watching her for another few weeks, singing some average songs, in a normal way then getting voted off in the second last week where she ‘deserved to be’ or watching the twins for another couple of weeks being really funny and jumping around like idiots with a strange edge of incest in the songs they choose? Which one would entertain you more? We all know that it’s going to be Olly who wins anyway.

People are also saying that Simon is only chosing to keep the twins in so that his acts have more of a chance of winning so therefore it’s definitely fixed. Surely that’s his job? To eliminate the competition to help his acts? Isn’t that the whole POINT? Otherwise you could just say the exact same thing about Louis wanting to send Lucie home. Use your brain you daft people!

Oh, and if Lucie is so good, why didn’t more people vote for her then she wouldn’t have been in the bottom 2 in the first place!

I can’t even be bothered to find a song. [/RANT]

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