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Warning: Billie Joe was my King For A Day. I’d have been a Basket Case to say Good Riddance

Posted on: November 2, 2009


Green Day are amazing live.

I really can’t explain just how amazing…but I’m going to give it a go…

Well yesterday was Halloween and instead of the usual (sitting in doing nowt or going to town) I went for a trip to Manchester to see a little known band called Green Day.

I had to get up early (half 8! MEH) to catch my train just after 10 then had a lovely 3 hour train ride on me tod to Manchester where I met Elizabeth half an hour after I got there. After we found the hotel (and realised we couldn’t check in for another hour) we went to do some exploring and discovered that Manchester like to repeat shops. Seriously, there’s like 8 HMVs or something! What’s the point?

We were planning on checking out the Hard Rock Cafe for some food but when we got there we remembered we’re skint students so ended up rolling into pizza hut then get this….went back to the hotel for a nap haha.

With it being Halloween and us being used to spending Halloween in Newcastle of course we went out in fancy dress – I was a genie and Elizabeth was Alice from Resident Evil (or so I’m told, I’ve never seen any of them). We looked well cool walking through Manchester pretty much the only people dressed up…

We got the times messed up a bit and it turned out the support band came on at the time we thought the doors opened so after we planned to miss the support and turn up late we actually ended up turnin up jst after Green Day came on stage, then we cudnt work out which door took us to the standing area and wasted another minute or 3..so that kinda sucked but the rest of the night MORE than made up for it.

When we were lookin down at the standing area I noticed that nobody was moving…Green Day were playing…but everyone was pretty much just standing there..so when we got down to the floor we quite easily moved through the boring masses to near the front where people were actually moving and jumping around. Then it took some skill and a bit of pushing and squeezing during fast jumpy songs and we managed to get REALLY close to the front. By the end of the night I was only like 2 people from the front of the stage.

This resulted in some pretty damn awesome photos, even if I do say so myself. I’m not going to go into detail about songs etc, they played for nearly 3 hours including two encores – they pretty much played EVERYTHING!

The cool part of the night was that they didn’t just stand there and sing and talk, they were actually pretty damn entertaining about it, they were always getting people up on stage, lil kids to squirt the crowd with supersoakers, random lass to sing along with them, some kid from San Francisco (WTF?), and then they got people up to play one of the songs for em (can’t remember which one – ask Elizabeth) They made sure they got people who could actually play the instruments though – some lass who was about 16/17 to play drums, an early 20’s lad on bass and some lass with green hair and a white face who was about….19 on guitar (Billie Joe made a joke of ‘only one person in this band has a penis *looks at green haired girl* well…maybe two’.) They played the song with Billie Joe singing then at the end the drummer lass did a lil solo – she was mint! Billie Joe was standing goin ‘woaaah!!!’ while Tre Cool practically fell in love haha he thought she was great, when she finished you could see him really animatedly talking to her as if to say ‘omg that was awesome!! wow you’re great!!! I’m so impressed!!!’ Jealous. I love Tre Cool.

During the encore while Minority was played Elizabeth decided to crowd surf (even tho we were literally like 3 people from the front) so for the second encore when Billie Joe played all the acoustic songs I was on me tod and decided to get the camera out and take full advantage of the fact he was pretty much just a metre away…

Here’s some of the pics I took:

billie joe armstrong green day

Billie Joe Armstrong singing the acoustic (second) encore at Manchester, 31/10/09

 billie joe armstrong green day manchester

Billie Joe Armstrong up close at Manchester, 31/10/09

I’m not going to put any more up, if you want to see the rest just ask me. Instead, have a Green Day song. This is from youtube and it says it’s from Manchester MEN but they played 2 days so I’m not sure if it’s the one I was at or the day before. It’s also the song he was singing as I took the photos above so you can kinda get an overall image from the two. Green Day – Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) ♫ http://blip.fm/~fqhp1 Enjoy!

4 Responses to "Warning: Billie Joe was my King For A Day. I’d have been a Basket Case to say Good Riddance"

hehe I like your title, a lot more entertaining than my title. And your review of it is a lot better than mine (though Ive added some pics now coz my internet is behaving better today).

I was Alice from Resident Evil not whatever you said lol.

The song they got randomers to play was their cover of Operation Ivy – Knowledge. I love that song (as I love pretty much anything to do with Tim Armstrong), though I couldnt hear many people around me singing along lol.

Oh and 3 hours is not pretty much all their songs 😛 I have 5.1 hours on my itunes and thats not even all their stuff :]

you should add rate things to your blog so I can rate this excelent

How do I add rate things?

and by ‘all songs’ I meant all the one’s that most people know. I’m well aware there are shitloads of songs they didnt play, but they aren’t as well known as the rest 🙂

I’m from Singapore (another end of earth) and Green Day will be performing here in Jan next year! I’m so excited. Judging from your interesting review, the show will be a good one 😉

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