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Suppose it’s just a point of view, but they tell me I’m doing fine…

Posted on: October 16, 2009

I’m running out of interesting things to blog about – I didn’t really want it to turn into post after post of me telling you about my day… but for now it’s all I have so you’ll just have to belt up, shut up and read…up… Or go away, haha. Your choice.

Today started off alright, I woke up on time (I’m aware that doesn’t sound like much of an achievement but yesterday I woke up at a time where I should have been halfway through a lecture – not impressive) but then I realised the killer headache I had. I ignored it and trotted off for the bus, didn’t miss it so that was a good sign and although it was late, as always, it wasn’t too late. Then after meeting Louise I got the nicest bacon sandwich I’ve ever had in my 20 long years of life.

It’s only a headache, I can get over that.

I get to my lecture and our usual spot in the middle of the back row is blocked so we opt for the row second from the back – I know, it’s a hard life – and everything is going well. Then the lecture ends after a mere 40 minutes… it’s supposed to be a 2 hour lecture! I wasted £3 on bus fare for that?! Wish I’d stayed in bed like I’d planned to. So although I was kind of glad to be out of there I was miffed that it didn’t last a bit longer to get my moolah’s worth.

It’s only a wasted bus fare and a killer headache, I can get over that.

Next on my agenda was a trip to central to get some train tickets for Manchester. I had hoped it wouldn’t be too expensive, I’m not exactly rolling in the moolah at the minute… Can you believe a return train ticket from here to Manchester cost me £60?! Hayley is not of the impressed variety at that.

It’s only £60 on a train fare, a wasted bus fare and a killer headache, I can get over that…right?

By the time I got home it felt like someone had my head in a vice and was having the time of their life tightening it more and more and more. So I decided to have a nap (had some mental dreams but that’s a whole different story). It did kind of fix the headache, I woke up with it more like a dull hum than a searing stabbing, so I guess that makes it better.

Then my Mam came home.

Turns out I wasn’t the only one in my family to be having a bad day… actually, turns out compared to them I’ve had a remarkably good day – after all, I am still alive…

My great uncle died this morning, I didn’t really know him that well, he’s been ‘ill’ for the past few years and doesn’t get out the house much and we weren’t that familiar with him that we’d go visit – but he always sent us great birthday cards that he’d customise with stickers and original stamps and things. My Granda claims its a blessing in disguise because his quality of life wasn’t all that great and looking after him meant my great auntie’s quality of life wasn’t too splendid either. Apparently they knew he didn’t have long left anyway.

It doesn’t end there though, my Grandma’s broken her ankle too. She’s never been too mobile to start off with – she’s had osteoarthritis for years and years and used to walk with sticks but a couple years back she fell and broke her hip and has barely walked since, I swear her bone’s are like dust these days. It’s a good job their house is like a fun house, complete with ramps and seats that take you up stairs or else she’d be stuck in one place for ever. My Granda isn’t exactly the fittest of people in the world so helping her move around isn’t too easy.

“life is not the number of breaths you take, it’s the number of moments which take your breath away”

Anyway, as I mentioned before, I’m off to Manchester soon. Me and Elizabeth are off to see Green Day on Halloween. I can’t wait. I need some costume ideas though – something that’s cheap, I can fit in a bag easily, I won’t lose in the ‘crowd’ and I won’t be all hot and sweaty in. Help please?

I read another book last night. Evermore by Alyson Noel. I really liked the whole story and it really had a lot of potential…but she wrote it in the present tense! I totally don’t get why her editor didn’t pull her aside and go ‘Hew lass, WTF?’ Now I can’t decide whether to order the second one off Amazon or not (it’s not out in the UK until next March but is out in the USA and the third is out next month). I’m tempted because I really hate starting things and not finishing them…

The sixth House of Night book (Tempted) is out in less than two weeks too. I can’t wait for that, I’m going to try and save it to read on the train to and from Manchester – even though that’s a massive 4 days after it’s out. Don’t know if I’ll be able to wait that long… Maybe I’ll reread the whole series from the beginning starting next week… that way I’ll hopefully still be on book four or five when six comes out…

Oh, and with the return of Robbie to my life (YAY!) my wish for my tattoo has been rekindled, Elizabeth’s home this weekend and mentioned she wants a tattoo too, wonder if she’s up for it this week? (I know you’re reading this, are you??) Hopefully my two short words won’t be too expensive either…

If you don’t know what two words I’m after, have a massive clue Robbie Williams – No Regretshttp://blip.fm/~ew4m5 Enjoy!

1 Response to "Suppose it’s just a point of view, but they tell me I’m doing fine…"

Haha yea I do want it but I dunno if I can just go into a tattoo place (I was thinking ink slingers coz they is supposed to be pretty decent) with some photos and say “oy, do me a tattoo coz I cannit draw” (obviously I’d say it more polietly). And because I need mine drawing I guess I cant just turn up there and then and get one, Id need to book in. I dunno if they are open sundays..Ive gota go into town that day anyway coz Im going to see bowling for soup and ZEBRAHEAD!!! As today I am having a house day (basically I cant be bothered to do my makeup) and I said Id go round and see Louise for a bit tomorow, then Im meant to be getting the train back to scarbs on monday.

I still need to think of a halloween gig costume too :/ tis haaaard!! We’re having a halloween party on the friday night at ours and I want to go as American McGee’s Alice…tis very hard to find the right blue dress that I can then put something white on top of grrrr

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