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You’re dead dude, get over it.

Posted on: October 4, 2009

Wowzers, I haven’t updated this in a while…

I haven’t really been up to that much though, hmm.. Well last week I only went to lectures on Tuesday because while I was there I got absolutely soaked in town and then sat in my lecture for an hour freezin and soaking so caught a mega cold from that and felt horrible by that evening. The next day I skipped uni and slept all day and was feeling better by that night so decided I would still go to the match… I forgot that just because I was ok to go that maybe being there might make me worse… I came back feeling like my head was going to explode and wanted to curl up and die on the floor at the bottom of the stairs. So as you can probably guess I skipped uni on Thursday too, then only went in for my dissertation meeting on Friday and came home before my lecture to sleep some more. Think it did the trick though because I’m more or less back to normal now.

I had a week off work too, luckily. That was because I did the same thing I did a few weeks ago, woke up at 8:55 then fell asleep while waiting for 9:00 and didn’t wake up again until 10:00 when there was no shifts left. Not that I was in any fit state to work. Here’s hoping I manage to stay conscious long enough to make a coherant phonecall in the morning. Disney on Ice is on Tue-Sun so I’m guessing there’ll be plenty shifts. Not that I want to work that much like. Can you say HELL? (You wouldn’t know this but I just got distracted for 20 mins thinkin about how much I don’t want to work this week – that’s what time off does to me!)

It was lil Emma’s 21st party last night! Her bday is today though (Happy bday if you’re reading – which you more than likely aren’t) The party was mint, I loved all the old party songs that pretty much only me and Emma danced to haha. We were the entertainment for the night 😛 I can’t resist a bit of Steps, the Macarena and Saturday Night Dance though. Was great seeing loads of people from school/primary school/Eighton Banks too! Havn’t seen most of them in far too long but I love how you can just sit and talk to people like that straight away as if you see them all the time. Eventually we moved on to Krash (taking Ruth and Donna with us – hell yeah!) and got parked just as it turned to midnite so we sang Happy Birthday to Emma in my car haha. We’re so kool. Krash was far too packed for my liking though 😦 You could hardly get moved. Not fun. I had then planned to stay awake and watch the F1 at 6am but by the time I got home I was unbelievably tired from all that dancing. It took me all my energy just to take my make up off and get into bed.

The 5th Vampire Diaries book came this week too, it’s pretty much the same size as the first 4 put together so I’m happy with that. I’m halfway through already though, wish she’d hurry up with the 6th book, I don’t like waiting for things haha. Today you can have a picture of my new favourite vampire (note that Taylor Lautner is a wolf not a vamp and he still trumps them all haha): Damon Salvatore as portrayed by Ian Somerhalder (previously Boone in Lost)

It’s less about his looks as his personality (how cheesy is that?) – he might be slightly evil but he’s funny and in the books you can tell he really does have a heart, he’s just trying too hard to be all scary and evil that he doesn’t show it. All together now…’AWWWWWW!’ Let’s give him a hug.

Today’s song is a new one, I do like it but he’s not quite back to form yet. Definately looking forward to his week on Xfactor though. Robbie Williams – Bodies http://blip.fm/~ebxqu Enjoy!

2 Responses to "You’re dead dude, get over it."

He is sooo much better than Stefan! Stefan sucks; I really liked the ending of last Thursdays episode, it makes me hope things might start moving along at a faster pace now.

Haha yeah I thought the book was slow but by the Founder’s Ball in the book she’s known he’s a vampire for ages and they’ve swapped blood then that night she’s killed and comes back as a vamp herself. Silly TV. Damon has some mint lines tho haha

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