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Keep The Change, You Filthy Animal!

Posted on: September 24, 2009

I’m back at uni now. That sucks.

I was in on friday for my welcome meeting and hated being back before the 2 hours were up. I forgot how skilled my lecturers are at taking an hour to say something that should have taken 10 minutes. I’m not in all that much though, couple of hours most days and I get mondays off. When I went to my ‘Historical and Conceptual Psychology’ lecture I slowly realised that they were lying to me and it was just a stupid philosophy lecture. My lecturer actually said the phrase ‘My car is red, but that’s not a fact because it’s a thing’ …I still have no idea what that means. Louise told me that there was a philosophy student at Oxford took a paper which was for 100% of a certain module and the question was ‘Is this a fair question?’ and all they wrote in reply was ‘Is this a fair answer?’ and they got a frickin first for it! That’s how pathetically pointless philosophy is!

I was back at work this week too, I missed last week because I woke up at 8:55 and was planning on waiting 5 mins before ringing for some shifts…and the next thing I knew it was 10:05 and I rang and there was nothing left. Sad times. I worked at the theatre for the first time last night though – man that’s tiring! I was on a bar upstairs with rather small fridges so when we were running low/ran out of stock we had to go down to the cellar to get some more… I’m not entirely sure how many floors it is, because all the staircases are only like 5 steps at a time… it could be one floor… it could be seven :S Lots of heavy lifting doesn’t really suit me though so I’m a tiny bit achey today. Really had to work for my money for a change haha!

I get to go to see All Time Low on friday night too thanks to Andy! I found out Nicola from work was going on her own so I said if I could find a ticket I’d go with her so she wasn’t a loner. I didn’t think I would get one though – the website only had stupid seating left (what’s the point in that!) but Andy the miracle worker managed to find someone selling one and even went to get it for me! How nice! Apparently not ALL Andy’s are nutjobs then… Should be a good night, there seems to be quite a few people I know going so I’ll have plenty people to say hi to when I get there. I like gigs like that – it’s no fun going when there’s like no one there you know. Oh and speaking of bands, Muse are apparently releasing some extra tickets to the dates on their tour, presale is tomorrow so I’m going to see what the crack is with that tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one for me and Elizabeth this time!

Speaking of Elizabeth, our current HMV purepoints total is at 148,700! How great is that! Only £13 to go! Will you get them for us? Please?

My reading habits have slowed down a bit, I bought 3 more last week when I was out with Elizabeth and so far I’ve read one and a half of them. I’m reading the Vampire Diaries ones (technically I’m onto book 3 – there’s 2 books in each..book) and I’m still unsure what I think of them, there doesn’t seem to be a lot happening very quickly compared to a lot of other books I’ve read. Then again the other L.J. Smith books I’ve read moved really fast because they were like ‘mini books’ and ‘mini stories’ so they had to get everything happening straight away. I havn’t made my mind up about the characters in the book either, I can see why people think Twilight stole ideas from Vampire Diaries but I think it was just because at the time there wasn’t many other books about teenage vampire’s falling in love with humans. I think Twilight does it better, it seems more…natural. In Vampire Diaries it all seems a bit false – I mean their reasons for falling for each other in the first place. They’re a bit shallow. Granted after a while they seem to genuinely give a frick but who knows. I havn’t finished yet, it might all go southwards…

I also watched the TV series of Vampire Diaries which started a couple of weeks ago, and so far the plot seems pretty much nothing like the books, other than the basic idea of the characters and their names… Although the TV series have definately changed parts of the book to ironically be more like Twilight. The main girl has changed from blonde, pretty and miss popularity in the books to brunette, shy and reserved on screen (like Bella) and the main guy looks more like Edward Cullen than I think Robert Pattinson did, and he’s obviously trying to talk like him! Not to mention her 4 year old sister from the books is a 15 year old drug addicted brother on the TV…. Strange. I still enjoyed it though – as I always do!

There’s lots of TV back now to appease my need for American TV. Greek, Gossip Girl, 90210 and Supernatural all started in recent weeks with yesterday adding Big Bang Theory and a double episode of Heroes!!! YAY! Peter Petrelli, I’ve missed him! Soon I will also be joined by Smallville too. Soon I’ll be spending all my time either reading or watching stuff… Sounds good to me like.

Another good thing is Taylor Lautner. This is completely random but you need to see this picture:

taylor lautner tree square behind scenes new moon jacob black
Taylor Lautner shirtless in the trees, behind the scenes of New Moon. Does it get much better?


Oh, and I have purple hair now!


Have a nicely relevant song All Time Low – Weightless http://blip.fm/~dttzl Enjoy!

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blatently sprayed on abs

I don’t think they are actually – he’s uber fit man you not seen him doin backflips from standin still??

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