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Another leaked New Moon Trailer [MTV’s VMAs video included in post]

Posted on: September 12, 2009

Not entirely sure where this trailer is from but I found it posted on a Newspaper’s website and I’m not sure how long it’ll be up for… EDIT: It was shown at last night’s VMAs so I now have an updated video included

Shot on someone’s mobile phone apparently and with ‘shushing’ and whispering over it a few lines are hidden but it still looks like a great new trailer packed with lots of new stuff for us.

I’m not going to go through each scene and tell you what’s happening, I’ve included the video – watch it yourself! It does seem to tell the story of the film a lot more than what previous trailers have. I would say this one is aimed more at the people who haven’t read the books – to pull them in with the plot – whereas earlier trailers were to get existing fans excited by showing them sneaks of scenes and things that they already know what they are.

It shows to the uninformed how Bella starts doing dangerous things because it’s the only way she feels connected to Edward and gets visions of him – leading to her trying some cliff diving (and failing epically) this then results in the return of psychic Alice who had seen it happen in a vision and the information then chinese whispered itself through to Edward who thought with Bella dead that life isn’t worth living anymore and off to the volturi, to ask for death, he trots.

There’s also a new Volvo – different type, different style, and different colour – typical thing to annoy fans with but to be honest, it’s closer to the one in the book than the first one was!

I don’t have a song for this one either but you get a video to watch so…Enjoy!


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