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Maybe it’s not just the arachnids…

Posted on: August 31, 2009

Ever been trapped in a dream?

 Last night was a strange one for me. It was about 5am and it felt like I had just woken up from a dream – I was aware I was in my bed but I couldn’t move. I kept trying to open my eyes but only one would open, about half way for a second or so before I had to close it again. It was the weirdest experience ever – It was like having pins and needles in my entire body and being unable to move because of it… like I was pinned to where I was but I was fighting sooo hard to move.

I suppose you could think of it like this: ever concentrated sooo hard on moving (e.g. a leg) and you think about how to move it, you visualise it moving, and you will it to move soooo much – but it doesn’t get anywhere because you’re just thinking about it and not ACTUALLY moving your leg? It was like that but like I couldn’t remember how to actually move. I couldn’t really concentrate on anything either it was like I was really dizzy… for some reason though the only thing I kept thinking over and over was ‘turn the light on’. So I kept trying to move over and reach up to the switch on my lamp but it just wasn’t happening… I remember thinking I had the switch in my hand and trying to press it…only to realise I was still paralysed and my arm was still by my side…

This happened over and over, I kept thinking I had the switch in my hand but I didn’t… then at one point when I thought I had it in my hand and I thought I’d switched it on it was as if the bulb had blew out and I gave up hope…

Then I finally did wake up (or wasn’t paralysed anymore :S), turned the lamp on fine and was very confused…I think I had been lying with my neck at a weird angle and it was my brains way of trying to make me wake up and move before I actually did some damage… The rest of the night I woke up every half an hour or so…turned my lamp on and looked around confused again – this rarely ever happens to me, it was really weird like someone kept waking me up…

When I finally got a good hour or so sleep and woke up this morning I turned my lamp on and the bulb blew…

Now I’m kinda freaked out….

I thought long and hard to find a song relevant to this post (a good few seconds) haha. Toy Story – Strange Thingshttp://blip.fm/~cmmvr Enjoy!

1 Response to "Maybe it’s not just the arachnids…"

lol strange. Once on holiday I stood there and thought “how do I walk?” and then I stood there for like 5 mins trying to work out how to move my legs while everyone else wandered off.
I hate those dreams when you run really really slow and you just cant move your legs fast enough and I get really annoyed with myself off those uns lol x

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