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The Arachnids Are Out To Get Me!

Posted on: August 28, 2009

As many of you probably already know a few weeks ago I had an issue with a spider… Seems that now they’re back to finish the job 😦

Over the past few years I have sporadically had encounters with them in my room – maybe once a year or something and I usually managed to trap them on the floor and release them outside. Usually not a problem at all even if in my opinion they’re all MASSIVE (a couple of inches).

However, a few weeks ago I noticed one less than a metre away from where I was sitting on my bed, in an awkward place where I couldn’t manage to trap it (the thought of just squishing it never even crossed my mind – what can I say? I’m a pacifist!) after it jumped (JUMPED!) from where it was to the floor then disappeared under my bed in a heartbeat – right where my head would be as I slept –  the thought of it staying there started running through my brain – leading to my life long fear of things crawling in my nose or ears while I slept. This resulted in my overreacting, forgetting how to breathe properly and spending the night sleeping downstairs and the next week sleeping with my head at the foot of my bed.

A couple of days later I was sitting at the foot of my bed when I realised a spider on the floor (same one, or different one – who knows?!) and this time I managed to think quickly and trapped it with a glass candle and with a little help from my mam I managed to move it downstairs and outside to be released.

A couple of weeks went by and I thought I was safe again – then last nite I was on my bed and noticed another spider on the floor right next to me. Before I had time to grab anything to trap it, it ran under my bed. I was not happy. Instead of sittin worrying about it I picked up my things and moved to spend another night downstairs. I havn’t seen it since, but I haven’t really been in my room very long since then.

However, mere minutes ago as I sat in this very seat in my living room watching TV, another spider emerged from under the seat I was sitting on (why is it always me?!) and then it stopped right next to my laptop on the floor and turned towards me (no lie!). Obviously by that point I was not happy – in hindsight I could say the feeling I had earlier telling me to keep my feet up on the arm of the chair was a warning – but it was probably a result of last night’s paranoia. Regrettably, leaving the job of getting rid of the unruly arachnid to my Mam meant the thing was squished into some kitchen roll a few minutes later – I might hate them and fail to understand why they really need eight legs anyway but I don’t like killing things.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that for whatever reason – they’re after me! I’m reminded of a scene in the Covenant where two girls are attacked by spiders, one being hospitalised and the other temporarily perilously close to death…which leaves me wondering if there’s some power mad witch dude putting curses on me? Maybe I’ve just been reading too many supernatural books recently… 9 isn’t THAT many…

Today’s song is an old(ish) one. The title is a line from the film Closer, which I watched the other day and decided to listen to the song because of it – and now I can’t get it out of my head. Panic! At the Disco – Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Offhttp://blip.fm/~ch4bi Enjoy!

2 Responses to "The Arachnids Are Out To Get Me!"

I can never remember if Ive seen closer coz I helped Manda learn some lines from it for drama so now I get confused.

You should learn to kill spiders! They dont even keep the flies away like they’re meant too, at least they havent turned up on your bed yet, or under your pillow, I hate that, I get the hibeejeebies for ages

I’m too nice to kill spiders haha. Did you really have to mention them bein in my bed? You’ll have me even more paranoid now!

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