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What colour are mirrors?

Posted on: August 23, 2009

How is it that when it comes to my family nothing works?

Last week we ordered a treadmill off ebay and after I spent numerous days gettin up at 8am and sitting around waiting for a delivery that obviously wasn’t coming that day it did finally come. I then dragged it into a big space in the garage (by myself) then turned it around and lay it flat (by myself) then really struggled to lift it out of the box, and move the box out of the way, and put the treadmill back in the same place – minus the box around it (by myself) in a space that was only big enough for the box OR the treadmill. I then searched the house for an allen key for each of the screws (they were different sizes) and then built up the treadmill (by myself). As you can imagine after all this time I was looking forward to switching it on and actually USING the treadmill – yeah right! I was forgetting who I was. Nothing ever just works for my family. The thing turned on, then after you press start it moved for a second then stopped and said ERR03. Brilliant. My mam and my brother both took it apart and checked I’d wired it up properly (I knew I had!) but it still didn’t work. So my mam emailed the dudes who we bought it off and they sent us a replacement top half – the bit with the screens and buttons – claiming it would fix it. I spent another 2 days getting up early to wait for it and then when it came me and my bro went and attatched it to the rest. Nervously we turned it on, pressed start and…..of course – ERR03. Fabulous. So who knows what will happen next? Maybe it’ll work. Maybe I’ll accidentally run it over in my mams car. Maybe I’ll paint it white just for the crack. We’ll wait and see.

It gets better – What would you say is the main feature of a microwave? To heat things up right? Now, imagine my astonishment when ours decided it didn’t feel like doing that anymore? What’s up with that? It still turns on, spins around and beeps when it’s ‘finished’ but hey, things would get warmer if I kept em in my hand! On the plus side – we got a new one that actually does work.

I finished my next book today. If you’ve read my earlier posts you’ll know I was due to read Kissed By An Angel by Elizabeth Chandler. I’m not really sure what I think about it – it lured me in with the whole angels and love and fantasy and whatnot – but it dragged on a bit and I guess it never could have ended the way I wanted it to. WARNING: UBER SPOILERS (it’s not like you were going to read the book though) It’s the story of a girl who’s boyfriend dies when their car crashes. He then comes back as an angel and finds out his brakes were cut and it was supposed to be Ivy (the girlfriend) who died so he has to find out who’s after her and stop them from killing her. He gets the help of a dude who’s still alive and in the end they find out it’s her step-brother who’s after her because he killed his mother after finding out the rich guy he thought was his dad actually isn’t (and he REALLY wants the inheritance) and he thought Ivy had seen him in his mothers window when she was delivering something to the house next door. He also kills his best friend who was going to tell her, and after attacking Ivy and failing he covers it up by killing a random lass a few streets away and making it look like random attacks. Turns out Ivy falls in love with the guy her bf is using to help find out the truth and after her step-bro is killed durin his attempt to push her infront of a train she’s safe and angel boyf can ‘move on’ – she falls in love with the living guy and they all live happily ever after. Oh and Hayley is not impressed! I’m a massive fan of Romeo and Juliet and believe they belonged together and died loving each other – I would not have been impressed if after finding Romeo dead Juliet had mourned for a bit then fell in love with Paris even if it was what Romeo had wanted – telling her she had to love again. ROMEO AND JULIET BELONG TOGETHER!

Rant over.

On a plus side, the craze in my house at the minute is Ant and Dec’s chocolate challenges, particularly challenge #4 which we all find hilarious. Chubby Bunny. It’s pointlessly funny, if you’re bored – check it out:


Also, the X Factor started tonight – just in time for the end of Big Brother in 2 weeks. Today’s ‘person who’s going to be in the final round and is therefore at the end of todays episode’ was the fella below: Danyl (pronounced liked Daniel), a teacher from London. Very entertaining first audition, he’s got loads of confidence and knows how to entertain a crowd. He does seem very likable and highly likely to win – I just don’t think his voice was THAT amazing. If it wasn’t for the theatrics he wouldn’t have stood out all that well – here’s hoping he can keep up the good show and make it quite far!


I’ve been listening to a lot of classical music lately – no idea why – so how about I share some with you for today’s song? Random I know and most of you never click to listen anyway so are even less likely to now. But oh well, what can I do eh? Beethoven – Moonlight Sonatahttp://blip.fm/~c5exl Enjoy!

3 Responses to "What colour are mirrors?"

Jacob belongs with Bella!

So what colour are mirrors??
Does your treadmill work yet?

that’s my question haha

and no, it’s getting replaced. They’re pickin the broken one up tomorrow n the new one should be here by thursday/friday (apparently)

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