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Newest New Moon Trailer with Taylor Lautner

Posted on: August 19, 2009

Being the Twihard that I am I had to write a post on the newest of the New Moon trailers…

EDIT: For the New Moon Trailer shown at the MTV VMAs please see http://bit.ly/xoyAy 

For a moment, I briefly contemplated going to see Band Slam purely to see the new trailer on the big screen (which I think is what Summit had planned too) but I was good and waited until it reached the net.

Where to start? Well it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a cinema release trailer for a film which has a member of the cast explaining what’s going on… It seems less like a trailer for it and more of a clip to be shown on TV shows or something? Taylor’s a good choice out of all the actors though – the rest can seem too shy/stuck up to relate to fans properly but you can’t help but love him…

Which brings me to my next point – I’m not happy (but at the same time REALLY happy) that Taylor looks so damn good and the rest of the wolves too. I hate the New Moon book because I hate the idea of Bella with Jacob – I’m not supposed to like him but I can’t help it! After I’ve seen the film I may have to re-read the book to remind myself that Juliet belongs with Romeo and not Paris. I am Team Edward! (and a bit pathetic).

At the beginning of the trailer it shows the kiss between Bella and Edward which I’m assuming is actually from Italy because Edward’s topless and they don’t start all that until at least halfway through Eclipse. It also shows the ‘almost kiss’ between Bella and Jacob which I’m sure will have many people thinking it was the full kiss – but I’m pretty sure in the book Bella pulled away at the last minute. She better anyway! haha

Kristen Stewart seems a lot more confident with her lines this time too – I still have my love/hate relationship with her (made stronger today when I watched Adventureland and she kissed Ryan Reynolds!!!) but I do think she’s really cool and I’m starting to think she really is the perfect Bella and maybe when I read the books I was ignoring the ‘real Bella’ and just twisting the character to be more like me so that I could relate? Hum..

There’s also a glimpse of the volturi with a close up on Jane – Dakota looks really good and pretty evil too so hopefully the rest of them will look even evilerer. You can kind of see them in the background at one point, with someone who I presume is Alec standing infront of them. From what you can see (which isn’t much) they look so pale they were kind of grey/blue?

My favourite parts of the new trailer are Jacob moments – when he climbs the tree to Bella’s room is mint. Very impressive indeed – although I’m pretty sure he didn’t do it himself, he probably could have. I also love the very end when he says ‘don’t get me upset’ where it kind of leaves you expecting something along the lines of ‘JAKE SMASH!’ heh.. There’s also a bit with the rest of the pack but that doesn’t really show much we didn’t already see in photos – however it does include a wolfy growl haha, sounds very menacing and not at all like a moody puppy!

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here it is:



Well that’s all I can think of to say so I’ll leave you with a song I think would go well in New Moon, then again I don’t know… I think that new movies should have new music, but if that’s the case I definately wouldn’t have a song for ya would I? So have this one, All American Rejects – Can’t Take Ithttp://blip.fm/~bxisd Enjoy!

1 Response to "Newest New Moon Trailer with Taylor Lautner"

I hate it when jacob has that wig on, he looks sooo much better without!

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