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Things I just don’t get!

Posted on: August 18, 2009

I was reading Google News (as I always do before I go to sleep each night morning) and stumbled upon an article about a new species of plant being named after David Attenborough – not so weird… until you read on and discover that it’s a RAT-EATING PLANT!

What’s with that? So it got me thinking about how carnivorous plants work and I definately don’t get it. That stream of thought led on to the following post:

Random things I just don’t understand:

  • Carnivorous plants
  • Why people think arguing with me is a good idea, for the last time people – I don’t say things unless I KNOW that they’re right!
  • Why old people get cheaper bus fare while I’m paying £2.20 just to get to town – the bus is what their pension is for!
  • Gravity – It’s strong enough to keep us stuck to the earth, yet a tiny little fridge magnet can overcome it?
  • Horse lovers riding horses – I’m not saying that I’m against horse riding, I just don’t understand why they go on about loving horses but feel the need to sit on them and kick em and drag em where they want to go??
  • Dance music
  • When people are too tired to do things – Surely being tired doesn’t actually change your ability to move? Tiredness is just a mindset
  • My brother – He’s one of life’s great mysteries
  • Why people love Sascha Baron Cohen – he just isn’t funny
  • Why people in authority should be treat like they’re better than us – they’re just human, they’re no super species. Yes I get that respect and manners helps get things done easier and stuff, but at the end of the day they were born the same as the rest of us and will die the same way too. The job they do inbetween is just a necessity – bin men are needed just as much as (if not more than) doctors
  • Taxes – the money just pays for their crap they don’t deserve. (see point above)
  • Why people don’t know the answer to the ‘half full/half empty’ thing. If it was empty and you fill it half way it’s half full… if it was full and you take half out it’s half empty. Easy. As. Pie.
  • How pie is easy and who larry is.
  • People who judge things without giving them a chance. I don’t like the ‘I won’t like that, I know I won’t’ attitude
  • When people say stupid things like ‘the end of the world is midnite, new year’ – erm…does it move with the time zones then?
  • Why people don’t like PCs – I don’t see the problem…
  • How people who love certain films/tv shows/books/comics/etc are judged as being ‘sad’ by people who spend their life without having an interest in anything at all – sometime’s being a geek about something just makes you more interesting and worth knowing
  • How people can sunbathe for hours at a time – IT’S BORING!
  • People who spell things differently as if they’re trying to make it shorter but instead make it longer/the same length and just spelt wrong – making them look like an idiot
  • People who lack common sense or the ability to think logically
  • When people claim that someone is being ‘false’ or ‘not themself’ when surely it’s impossible for them to act a way that isn’t them? Maybe what is ‘them’ is that they’re the type of people who can represent contrasting personalities depending on the situation?
  • Men – need I say more?

I can’t think of any more at the minute but I’m pretty sure there’s plenty – I might come back and add to it some time, or create a ‘continued’ post if I think of enough. This song has been stuck in my head for days now, it’s being drastically overplayed. But Oh well. Black Eyed Peas – I Got A Feelinghttp://blip.fm/~bvp6h Enjoy! or should I say Mozeltoff!?

2 Responses to "Things I just don’t get!"

I read a list of useless things once, here are a few I remember:
silent alarm clocks (need I say more?)
Helicopter ejector seats (that one made me laugh)

A rat eating plant sounds pretty scary, it makes me think that somewhere out there there is a human eating plant. Why is it named after David Attenborough anyway? Does he eat rats too or something?

Nah they just name new things after ‘famous people’ there’s slugs named after george bush and a kate winslet fish and steven spielberg dinosaur lol. David Attenborough has a few things named after him, birds, mammals, fossils….carnivorous plants lol

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