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Turns out there ARE decent people in the world…

Posted on: August 16, 2009

Today I decided to leave a message for P.C. Cast, the main author of the books I’ve been reading. A few hours later she replied!

Since the rise in popularity of Twitter and the ‘famous’ became more accessible to the masses I’ve started to think that I’d never have a chance at talking to someone I admire like that – I mean what are the chances of them replying to me when there are thousands of people sending them 140 character messages that are probably wittier, smarter and a lot more interesting than anything I could ever think of.

Surprisingly I did get tweets from two people I would consider ‘famous’ – Dougie from McFly and then a couple of months later Andy Milder who plays Dean Hodes on Weeds. As much as I appreciated their tweets it still felt really impersonal, I can imagine them sitting looking at their list of tweets and picking one at random to half arsedly reply to just to appease the masses and make sure they still look ‘friendly’ and ‘normal’ or something like that…

Today though, I discovered the personal blog of P.C. Cast who co-writes the House of Night books with her daughter and after spending a few minutes reading through a couple of her posts I realised that she replies to people who leave comments about 90% of the time! Most of her replies implied that she’d actually read the comments and thought about her answer considerately and she had impeccable patience for those who were asking the same obvious things over and over and over (they were annoying me and all I was doing was reading them!). I took my chances and left a brief comment to say hello and that I enjoyed the books then went downstairs to watch some TV. An hour or so later I got an email on my phone telling me she had replied to my post – how lovely! Logically assuming that because I had just received the email that she must be online at the time I rushed back to my laptop and left another comment, a couple of minutes later I got yet another reply – so I tried again, and yet again I got another reply! I figured she was probably just being polite and it was best not to push my luck so I thanked her for taking the time to reply and told her my honest opinion that she appeared to be a lovely down to earth woman who I would love to say I had the pleasure of meeting one day. This was supposed to be my ‘sorry I’m shutting up’ comment and didn’t expect an answer but yet again she was nice enough to reply with a simple “Thanks Hayley, right back at ya!”

What a lovely woman!

Have a nice song about Tulsa (the hometown of P.C. Cast and setting of her books) Dusty Springfield – 24 hours from Tulsa http://blip.fm/~btgng Enjoy!

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