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Here, There, Everywhere…

Posted on: August 10, 2009

As I’m sure you all know (and obviously care so much about), me and Elizabeth are planning to tour the states next summer…

The map I ordered too long ago finally came on friday so it’s setting things in motion. We’ve both been researching some cool places we want to check out and considering I was bored the last 20 mins or so I decided to make a list of some of these places. Let me know if there’s any you think I’ve forgotten/places I prob don’t know about but you recommend!

These are in no particular order – just as I thought of them

  • Cadillac Ranch (Amarillo) – because it looks soo cool and we can stop en route and ask ‘is this the way to Amarillo?’
  • The Grand Canyon – because it looks amazing and it’s one of those ‘places to see before you die’
  • West Chester – this is where my Bam Margera obsession comes into play – I’d love to check out his bar and to see if I can find him haha
  • Forks/La Push/Port Angeles – should possibly have been at the top of the list – do I really need to explain this one?
  • San Diego – A cool place I’ve always wanted to go to – the birth place of blink! It also has an amazingly massive zoo and a pretty nifty wild animal park I wouldn’t mind checking out
  • San Francisco – The bridge looks beautiful
  • Philadelphia  – to run up the steps and jump around at the top like in Rocky hehe
  • Niagra Falls – another ‘place to see before you die’ type place to go to
  • Yosemite – I don’t really know a lot about this place but it’s coming highly recommended, looks like a nice national park
  • Roswell – to find some aliens!
  • Salem – the place of the witch trials, would be interesting to go see
  • New Orleans – I don’t know when Mardi Gras is but if it’s while we’re there it would be a laugh!
  • Statue Of Liberty – when in Rome…
  • Vegas – because you’ve got to love a bit of tacky, over the top fun
  • Bubba Gump Shrimp – there’s a couple of these places so hopefully I’ll find one en route
  • Hollywood – to feel like/stalk a star 😛
  • Hoover Dam – looks well impressive and gigantic
  • Yellowstone – another national park that is apparently unmissable
  • Washington D.C. – surely a trip around a country isn’t complete without the capital? Oh, and the Whitehouse looks pretty!
  • Seattle – the home of Kurt Cobain!

As I said earlier, let me know what you think. As usual my song is completely unrelated, I’ve just been listening to it recently. AC/DC – Back In Blackhttp://blip.fm/~bfvu1 Enjoy!

2 Responses to "Here, There, Everywhere…"

You forgot Texas unless some of those places where in texas, I dont actually know any places there except Austin. Mardi Gras is round pancake tuesday in febuary coz I went when I went to america in year 2. Except we ended up at the black peoples parade not the white peoples one lol x

Aww well I guess Mardis Gras is a no then. Amarillo is in Texas, we could go visit NASA at Houston too? xx

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