Random Ranting…

I think I’ve finally cracked…

Posted on: August 7, 2009

This week has changed me…

Last week I was sleeping the day away every day, wasting my time and spending my days watching Gossip Girl on a loop. For some reason this week I’ve been pretty much the exact opposite. I don’t even know why!

I’ve been getting up at 7am most days, then getting a lift into town with my mam when she leaves for work at 8am – obviously getting there way before shops open lol hanging around for a bit then getting the 10am bus home and then actually DOING STUFF around the house haha. I washed the settee in the living room yesterday… simply because I was sitting on it and decided it could be cleaner – no one even mentioned that it needed to be done… I’ve also been making mine and my mams tea ready for when she comes home from work (I asked my bro too but he ‘wasnt hungry’) – something I don’t think I’ve ever done in my life.

If you’ve read previous posts you’ll know I’ve been sewing too – I’ve been reading up on patterns and I transformed another t-shirt which passed a few more hours.

I was flower arranging again too even though it didn’t really need doing, there was already some flowers in the vase – I just added some more to brighten and fill it up a bit.

I’ve been buying presents too – just little things like but its the thought that counts yeh? I bought my dad a Billy Joel CD he’d been asking me to download for him but I’d been having trouble with my burner and couldn’t get it onto a disc. I then felt guilty for buying my dad something and not my mam – so I bought her some dark chocolate from thorntons.

 I also read another full book – and not a short one! Stephenie Meyer’s (yes, the author of Twilight etc) The Host. A strange book with a somewhat predictable outcome and many of the same themes as her other books but still a good read.


Wake me up when the insanity ends.

Today’s song is an epic fit in my opinion. Bright Eyes – First Day Of My Life http://blip.fm/~bbclx

2 Responses to "I think I’ve finally cracked…"

Ive been cleaning loads too. I did the living and dinning room at home then I got to uni and Ash has been ill and we’ve got builders in so the place was a tip so I did the kitchen and bathroom. They desperatly needed doing! you should put pictures up of your newly customized clothes to waste more time 🙂 x

this is silly!

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