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Bit of this… Bit of that… Whole load of nothing!

Posted on: August 4, 2009

Haven’t really got anything worth posting about so who knows what this will end up including…

My creative side is still on going – I made a nice halterneck with my Ghostbusters – Who You Gonna Call? t-shirt and a fitted boobtube top/dress with my Guns N Roses Tee. They’re pretty nifty if I do say so myself. I’ve also bought a book called “108 ways to transform a T-shirt” by Megan Nicolay – It’s really good you should check it out. Hopefully it will give me some ideas for the future if I ever get round to buying some more t-shirts. I don’t want to be a one trick pony though so I’ve also bought some patterns to make a dress and a top but I need to buy some fabric before I can even get started on that one.

My sleep pattern is still as messed up as ever, some days I’m awake from 7am and up and at ’em all day… other days I don’t wake up till 5pm which means I can’t sleep until about 8am – which messes me up even more for the next day. I’ve found the only way I get up at a normal time is if I have somewhere to go – so this morning I left a note for my mam to wake me up when she got up so I could go into town with her when she went to work, even if I was only there 20 mins before I got on a bus at least it got me up and out of bed. Thing is though..when my mam came in to wake me up I had my ‘just woken up’ head on – you know the one where you tell yourself you can get away with just one more minute in bed before you have to wake up? Or maybe if you hit snooze now you’ll get up on the next alarm? Well this head didn’t like the idea of going to town at 8am for no reason at all…so it convinced me to just go back to sleep and not bother with it – stupid morning head! So I slept most of the day away yet again. Tomorrow I WILL wake up and go to town with my mam – morning head is not winning this time!

Me and Elizabeth are really close to our goal of 100,000 HMV points – as I type we’re on 97,217 so thats only 2,783 to go. Easy! Less than £30! Thing is that the Harry Potter premiere tickets were up for 150,000 points (the original goal of 100,000 was just a guess as others were going for 50-70,000 with the ‘good’ films goin for 100,000) so we’re gonna keep going with our points and just see how many we can get. Hopefully we can get another £500 worth before the tickets go up then we should definitely have enough points – our only problem will be making sure we get to them before someone else! They only put one pair up per film and they go mighty fast! 😦

Speaking of things me and Elizabeth are doing – our plans for the road trip are slowly coming together. We’ve now ordered a map of the USA and are in the process of collecting ideas for where we want to go. When the map gets here – it’s been a week so far and still nothing – we can start planning properly and mark a route out joining the destinations we want to go – then we can look at dates and time spent at each place – then it’s flights and hotels and hey presto! A roundabout price to save up for…. or so the plan goes.

I’ve ran out of things to watch at the minute, there’s only really Weeds running at the minute – stupid programmes all being on and thus finishing at the same time means I’m mind numbingly bored recently. I also appear to have ran out of films worth watching which sucks – they really should bring out some more good ones for me! A few weeks ago I decided to watch some programmes that had aired already but I hadn’t seen so I started with Privileged – an american teen drama thingy I’d seen advertised as starting on E4 so I knew there’d be at least a season already aired in the USA I could watch on a loop – sucky thing is there was only one season before it got axed like the rest of American TV so I soon ran out. A bit of research resulted in the discovery of Gossip Girl – There was already 2 seasons aired for me to watch and the promise of a 3rd starting in September, it also included some actors I knew of and liked – sounded perfect. It was. I got highly addicted, very fast… As I normally do with good things. 43 episodes later and I was in love and wanting more. It’s a shame I have to wait aaaalll the way to September 14th for the next season though and yet again I’m left with nothing to watch! Anyone got any suggestions?

Oh and one last thing, random but funny picture from my brother’s holiday – Check out the ingredients for number 38 http://www.twitpic.com/ck3z6

My song for today is from Supernatural (not exclusively but it is on there haha) that a friend graciously sent to me today after he got addicted to the amazing programme (took his time!) Kansas – Carry On My Wayward Sonhttp://blip.fm/~b46zb Enjoy!

3 Responses to "Bit of this… Bit of that… Whole load of nothing!"

I’ll have you know I liked the song before Supernatural 😛
And I don’t even get a mention by name? 😦


That book sounds good. Ooo theres a shop in newgate shopping centre called max merch (Also a website) that sells band tshirts an the like but I dunno how much they cost :S

I would just like to add in here that ugly betty season 2 FINALLY finished downloading 😀 😀 😀 damm going to my nanas, I cant sit and watch it 😦

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