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Hayley Rose Designs – Coming soon to neither good nor crap stores near you!

Posted on: July 28, 2009

I got myself a new hobby 🙂

Today I got bored and decided to cut up my lostprophets t-shirt – no my new hobby is not ‘to be destructive’ – I was making it better!

I never wear any of the band t-shirts I buy because t-shirts are so unflattering and meh, so I decided to take my t-shirt that was too big and probably never been worn (why do I buy them? I don’t really know) and I turned it into an uber kool backless halterneck. That now makes it a total of two custom Ts in my collection – a couple year ago I decided it was damn scandalous that I didn’t wear my blink t-shirt so that got customised and gets worn quite often now 🙂

Thing is though, I really enjoyed it and now I want to customise some more. My sewing skills leave much to be desired but a little research and contacting some people I’ve managed to find a sewing machine in the possession of my Auntie who’s going to bring it round for me tomorrow – Yay!

I’m not all that creative though and even though I may be able to whip up a couple of unique ideas I’ll be all out soon so I figured I might go buy some customisation and clothes design books tomorrow… While I’m at it I might buy some stuff to add to em… I love getting all creative haha.

I wonder how long this will last?

Today’s song is another old one that I’d completely forgot existed until it jumped onto my screen when I was sitting watchin Kerrang! the other day. A nice fast paced summery type song for you Ash – Burn Baby Burnhttp://blip.fm/~arc6o Enjoy!

1 Response to "Hayley Rose Designs – Coming soon to neither good nor crap stores near you!"

Do you ever get holes between the legs of your jeans? I do, I think its the way I walk. Anyway if I have a pair of jeans that get a hole too bad to repair and I cant bare to part with them I make them into a skirt. I just chucked my first skirt I made out now though coz it got a hole on the bum 😦
But I still have the other one, that my mam hates….she thinks its too short or too scruffy or something :S I have skirts shorter than it so I dont quite get her problem lol

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