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What? I’m supposed to go to sleep BEFORE sunrise? Oops..

Posted on: July 26, 2009

The whole ‘nocturnal’ thing is just getting stupid now

Last night – or should I say this morning – I didn’t manage to sleep until about 8am. Granted I didn’t even try until after 5 but that’s part of the problem. I need to stop going to bed so late and then sleeping all day which then means I go to bed even later the next night. It’s a never ending circle of hell haha.

Thing is though – I like to stay up late! I couldn’t go to sleep at 11pm like I should, to me that feels like wasting the day a lot more than staying in bed until 1pm the next day does. Guess I’m just a nightowl at heart. I can quite easily go to sleep at 4am and get up at 9am if I have something to do, my main problem is that I have nothing to do. If there’s no reason for me to wake up at a reasonable time I won’t, same as if there’s no real reason for me to get an early night (and I say that in the lightest sense of the word, early for me is 2am) I’ll stay up until I’m bored enough to sleep.

So once again I’m going to TRY and sort my sleeping pattern out, from now on I’m going to wake up no later than 11am, I’ll go to sleep when I’m tired and hopefully if I keep managing to wake up on time I’ll start getting tired earlier and might move back to a normal way of sleeping…


Let’s see how long I last…

Today you can have another song from ‘back in the day’ – I can kind of relate to the lyrics although I do try to be more positive than they are 🙂 Simple Plan – I’m Just A Kid http://blip.fm/~amrhp Enjoy!

2 Responses to "What? I’m supposed to go to sleep BEFORE sunrise? Oops.."

LOL well my sleeping pattern is still weird from peru coz I had to get up so early (well gosia got up at 5am for birds each day so the alarm always woke me and maz) so at the momement Im managing to sleep in a bit 🙂
But on saturday night I slept over at Louises except we didnt actually go to sleep at all, and her mam had been out for the night and came in at 6 an we were like well theres no point going to sleep now. So we took duchie for a walk about 7ish for a few hours. Then I went home about 10 which is normaly when we’re just getting up. I dozed for a bit when I got home then after tea I was lying on my bed reading an fell asleep and woke up at 7 thinking it was 7am and Id slept in my clothes with the radio on all night. Then I thought to look at the date on my phone and realised it was still sunday night lol. So I watched the secret of moonacre and then kamikaze girls then my mam came to talk about neville longbottom coz apparently some lass joanna goes to uni with knows him and he gave her 4 tickets to the premier in dublin or something and she hasnt invited joanna and she aint impressed coz she was saying to her mam that she knows more about harry potter than the lot of them bless her. then I slept till 10 am 🙂

that comment could have been a blog in itself lol

Haha thanks for that lil story – you’re right it could have been it’s own post 😛

This morning I woke up earlier than I went to sleep on sat night/sun mornin… weird eh? haha


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