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New Moon Trailer, Website and Pictures

Posted on: July 26, 2009


I’m bored – Have another New Moon themed post packed full of Twilighty goodness!

EDIT: Looking for the second trailer? Check out my post on that one instead http://bit.ly/hiLfA

I know the trailer’s been out for a while and I already have a post explaining my thoughts and opinions on it (http://bit.ly/gGuiP) but I thought that considering the new website (www.newmoonthemovie.com) has been launched including a much better quality version of the trailer I’d include it in this post as a nice mini widget that you can take away for yourself if you wish.

Along with the trailer widget the website also offers some basic information on cast and characters along with some new pictures.bella new moon wallpaper

The lovely Bella Wallpaper – looking as pale and confused as ever 🙂

  edward new moon wallpaper

The stunning Edward Wallpaper – for all those Team Edward fans out there, looking as dazzlingly moody as everjacob new moon wallpaper

The gobsmacking Jacob Wallpaper – For the Team Jacob fans (who I’m guessing after these photo’s will be a lot more common than before – just how many shoulders does he have?!)


wolf pack wolves wallpaper 

The La Push Wolf Pack can be found on the Reservation welcoming you with this image (and then some but my screen isn’t that big). The wolves are looking suitably wow worthy and I think the film will definately appeal to those who haven’t read the books and aren’t as ‘in to’ the story as others.

cullens wallpaper house alice jasper emmett esme 

The Cullen household is a suitable distraction to the La Push wolves. If you chose to wander off in their direction you will be greeted with a 360 degree view of Jasper’s thirst for Bella’s blood. Jasper looking suitably weird (nice to see some things don’t change) and being held off by Alice and Emmett (OK, mainly Emmett) with the alternative view showing Carlilse tending to Bella leaving Edward, Esme and Rosalie appearing to just…stand there watching..?

Head on over to the site yourself and there’s plenty more to print screen as new images are offered up as loading screens and menus with their own previously unheard soundclips of lines from the film – but this blog was getting kind of long and I’m kind of lazy 🙂

As I’ve said before – I don’t have any New Moon songs…but this one is from Twilight and as relevant as I could think of The Black Ghosts – Full Moonhttp://blip.fm/~an5tn Enjoy!

9 Responses to "New Moon Trailer, Website and Pictures"

well i cant wait 2 dis movie..man jacob is so sexy i mean all those sexy abs..lolz..

bişey söyleyimi twilight hayranıyım seriyi komple okudum falan ama dediğinizden birşey anlamasım acaba siz bunları anlayabilecek misiniz ? 🙂

BEN pardon. YAPTIĞIMI anlamıyorum Türk

jacob papasito

jacob es el mejor de todos los lobos lo amo es mi todo y reneesme eres nefasssssssssssssssta jajajajajaja

PD looooooo ammmmmmmmmmmmmoooooooooo
PD2 por supuesto qqq odio a bella
PD3 tambien a rosalie
pD alice es genial

i love cullen’s family, bella and jacobb

Luv new moon

Jacobs rocks

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