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Now that’s what I call a circus!

Posted on: June 8, 2009

Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on! TAKE THAT AND PARTY!!!

 Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been busy over the weekend with work and… TAKE THAT!

Even if I wasn’t a massive fan of Take That I wouldn’t have been able to say I wasn’t impressed. It was one hell of an epic show with a mechanical elephant, tightrope walkers, trapeze artists, jugglers, clowns, flaming hoops, chinese acrobats, trampolines and giant inflatable puppets. Not to mention Jason Orange, Howard Donald and Mark Owen on unicycles and Gary Barlow on a tiny bicycle with stabilisers. Legends!

SS101199Apparently the tour is costing them an epic £10million and I’m not surprised. The two hour show never left a second without something spectacular to watch. It was entertainment in its purest form as the four of them spread their act between the main stage and the smaller central stage. They opened with Greatest Day and had everyone on their feet and singing (or screaming) along with them from start to finish where they ended with Rule the World inclusive with an unexpected fireworks show as we all swayed along under the stars.

I must admit I was still hoping for Robbie to show up and was slightly miffed that he didn’t – I still don’t get why not?! – but they managed Could It Be Magic fine with the others singing and he wasn’t missed too much. They did a grand job of keeping everyone’s mind off it. Jason sang ‘Wooden Boat’ and Howard sang my all time favourite ‘Never Forget’ so everyone got their fair share of the limelight.

SS101225Every song had it’s own seperate little show; they produced umbrellas and a fountain of water surrounded them in reflection of the video for the massively successful ‘Back For Good’. To get from the smaller stage they started on, over to the main stage, a mechanical elephant formed and rose beneath them then turned and sauntered it’s way down the walkway dropping them off at the foot of the bigger stage.

SS101230The boys then donned their clown faces while singing ‘What is love?’ and became part of the circus acts by unicycling their way accross to the smaller stage. Mark Owen needed a bit of help getting started but managed to make it accross without falling and Gary Barlow seemed unable to even manage that so instead opted for a tiny bicycle complete with stabilisers which he rode hilariously and easily over to join the rest of the boys in the middle.

Relight My Fire ended their main section with the original singer (can’t remember her name) singing the lines made famous by Lulu. She may not have been quite the same but there’s no denying she had the power behind her voice that was needed for the epic lines. Mark opened the encore in a shiny silver outfit with my favourite song from the new album – Hold up a light and he was soon joined by the rest to finish their last few songs for the night.

 SS101235Obviously my song for today is one of theirs. My favourite has already been used in a previous post so here’s my favourite from their new album as mentioned before. Take That – Hold Up A Light http://blip.fm/~7uvwr Enjoy!

1 Response to "Now that’s what I call a circus!"

omg lol the elephant looks well cool. Would all the circusness not distract you from their singing?
Im sure my grandad said my auntie susan was going to see them. I passed all the AA signs to it on the way home from scarborough

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