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My Twenteeth.

Posted on: June 8, 2009

It’s my birthday 3 weeks tomorrow so I only have 3 weeks left to cause carnage and use the excuse ‘I can’t help it, I’m a teenager!’

I’ve never really had an ‘all about me’ birthday. There’s always been something gone wrong or people having better things to do. Or people having a night out…but would have regardless of whether it was my birthday or not. So this year I figure I should do something worth doing. Or at least so I can say ‘for my birthday we did [insert something uber fun here].

My main problem is that I doubt many people would be interested, and I have random friends all over the place and not many of them even know each other so if I put them all in one room it would just be weird and awkward. So I’m lost for ideas for what to do? I was thinking maybe lots of tiny little things with different people and then maybe just a night out in town, starting in ‘normal’ places for those people then ending in Krash for the rest? Then comes the confusion of whether I go the Saturday before my birthday or after? Before is closer (my bday is a tue) but there’s always the feeling that it’s not even your birthday yet so it’s a bit silly… ?

I was wondering about maybe a little trip somewhere, but I doubt many people would have the funds? Amsterdam isn’t that expensive, or we could prob find some cheap flights to Dublin for a day? If no there’s always the uber cheap version of the beach? Then that depends on weather.

I’m beginning to see why i’ve never had an ‘all about me’ birthday… I’m crap at making decisions… so I’m gonna leave it up to you guys. Comment and tell me what you think, if you’d wanna do any of the above, or if you have any ideas I havn’t mentioned?

This was so much easier when you were little and could just book a day at Kid’s Kingdom and invite everyone in your year at primary school and you knew fine well they would all turn up unless there was a genuine reason why they couldn’t. So here’s my song for this post. Fits in nicely yeah? The Killers – When you were young http://blip.fm/~7v0wf Enjoy!

4 Responses to "My Twenteeth."

boooowling? haha =]]]]]

alcohol alcohol alcohol, we cud do a cheep nyt out somehwhere on the monday? xxxx

umm i doubt i will have funds for a trip but on your the sat before or after dilemma i would go for after 🙂 and errrm beach 😀 u know how i love the beach and all stuff beach related
oooo if its nice have a bbq? ooo im excited now 🙂

I dont know what to suggest sorry. Im so glad Im not here to worry about mine, I probs wont even realise its been my birthday till 2 days later when some american decides to celebrate independance day lol.
Now your 21st is going to be even bigger problem with it being a bigger bday, and uni will be over so most people will have left.

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