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The circus is in town!

Posted on: June 4, 2009

Hello. My name is Hayley and I’m addicted to Big Brother.

I love watching the launch show of BB to see what kind of freaks they’re lockin up and keeping off the streets for the summer. I know it’s a stupid and shallow program… but I still love it! Here’s my view of the entrants this year:

Very, very strange russian woman. Kind of creepy and deserves a slap of normality. I’m all for people being different but this is jst silly. Reminds me of the child catcher from chitty chitty bang bang.




No sane person prides themself on looking like Amy Winehouse. I haven’t really made my mind up about her yet but I don’t think she’s genuinely nice enough to be a ‘good guy’ and not interesting enough to be one of the funny ones.



I didn’t like him after his VT. He seemed a bit cocky but after he went in the house he seemed a lot more shy and I think he might end up being one of those really honest people who turn out to be the good guys in arguments all the time. Then again I might be wrong.



The geordie! Yay! When I saw him I thought he was just goin to be a charv to embarrass the region but he actually seems lovely and I think the fact that he’s a geordie will just make me laugh at him even more.




Bit of a toff and his looks and style make him look like the strange love child of Derren Brown and Bam Margera. I’m not quite sure if that’s a good result? I don’t think he’s as annoying as first impressions make him out to be, he seems easy going and hopefully he’ll be quite funny.



Don’t like her. She’s going to be a total stuck up bitch and I will not like it.





Everyone’s going on about him bein really hot. I don’t really agree. He’s far too full of himself and his hair is just a mess. He’d probably look better if he cut it off in my opinion. Someone get the clippers to his head




Scary. Seems far too self confident for her own good. Didn’t really understand the whole ‘on the dole and working for minimum wage’ …how does that work? Possibly one of those people who like to be in control and won’t be happy when they have to let someone else take charge.



marcusWolverine Mullet Marcus
Thinks he’s a trend setter… I doubt that’s true. He does however seem ‘nice’ and ‘friendly’ and that won last year so who knows?




Bit of a bitch who will apparently do anything to get what she wants/’famous’ for example shaving her eyebrows off and drawing glasses and a moustache on her face in permanent marker. What a strange person…



Love him! Probably my favourite to win so far. He seems really fun and friendly and just enjoys life. I like a nice positive person.




I know a lot of people will disagree with me here…but I really don’t get why people would leave their 7month old kids to go on big brother? Yeah they’ll get money from it, but 7mnth is just too young. Kids at that age need consistency in their attachments and I just don’t get how she can cope being away from her child for so long. Thats without even mentioning her 6yr old!


Another person who’s just full of themself. Is it a requirement with BB? He just annoys me to be honest, thinks he’s mint when he so obviously isn’t. Someone get the clippers to his hair too!



(Her page wasn’t working on BB website so had to use google. Damn inconsistency!) She seems really lively and bubbly but it might have just been a show and could get annoying really quickly. Orrr she could just be a nice bubbly person. I hope it’s the latter.


I know she’s just another bimbo but she doesn’t seem like a bitchy bimbo, she might be really nice and friendly like Samanda. I get the feeling she’s making herself out to be a bit thicker than she actually is though.



Seems like he’s trying too hard and may just end up dropping into the background and get forgotten about. Think he’s too boring to last very long.





And there we have it. A bit disappointing if I’m honest but there’s a few hidden gems. I’m thinking we may find our winner in a housemate who’ll enter later on in the show? After a walkout or something? A pathetic link to my song today: Mark Owen was on (and won) Big Brother – I’m going to see Mark Owen on saturday – there we have it, Take That! My favourite Take That song is a bit ironic when considering Big Brother though… Take That – Never Forget http://blip.fm/~7n8mc Enjoy!

1 Response to "The circus is in town!"

Why cant they have some normal looking people for once? Lisa looks like a guy and Marcus looks well cool in that top of his.

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