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Peacock + Maze + IKEA + Krash + Sun = Happy Hayley!

Posted on: June 2, 2009

People of the blogiverse, I offer you my apologies. I appear to have become an absentee blogger. My bad.

Although I have no excuses for neglecting something I know you all love to read – as if – I do have reasons. I was just too darn busy enjoying the sun! Yes, that’s right…sun in England! wow-wow-wee-wow indeed.

Why don’t I start at the beginning and walk you through my weekend?

Me and Emma B were bored on Sat so decided to go out and enjoy the rays – we ended up in saltwell park and I acted as tour guide for Emma who’d never experienced the wonder that is saltwell park where we had immeasurable fun looking at all the animals haha. We found these two lil birds huggled up in the bird cage and thought ‘aww how cute’ until we realised the one on the left doesn’t appear to have a head! It was breathing though so we assume it was alive…just apparently headless.

We also witnessed the male peacock showing off and fanned it’s tail out for us – something we can check off our list of ‘things to see before you die’ – it was so pretty I wanted to take him home…or at least a feather.. but I behaved and stuck to taking photos instead 🙂 It also means I finally understand what the legends that are the Blues Brothers meant by ‘shake your tail feather’ haha.

Next up we decided to go back to our childhood and go explore the maze. Those fences are so deceiving! Luckily my memory played it’s part canny well and we found our way through pretty quickly. It was truely aMAZEing – see what I did there? Smart me. Doesn’t Emma look like she’s finding the maze utterly thriling? Haha or possibly thinking “put the god damn phone away you loony”

After exploring the park as much as we could we got lazy and plonked ourselves down on the grass for a bit of Vitamin D. We had a rather interesting visit from a toddler who decided to stand by our heads and stare at us…until he got lazy and sat down…still staring at us. Very weird. Some radgie 12 year old charvs also walked past saying ‘what dya think it is? Summer?’  Erm…yeah actually. Dunce.

It eventually started getting a bit windy (Emma put her hoodie on the nutter!) so we got back in the car and moved destinations…you’ll never guess where we ended up…

Hahaha hell yeah we went to IKEA and it rocked our socks off! We got a 2 course meal for a mere 80p each! You can’t beat that. Nice hotdog and an icecream – and they weren’t that small to be honest. We wandered over to Pets at Home next to admire the bunnies and fishy fish but I kinda forgot to take any pics of that so unlucky…(or lucky you, however you perceive it). Home time after that.

After the epically entertaining Britain’s Got Talent Finale I got a txt off Emma McB asking if I fancied a trip to Krash. So off I trotted….trat? It was a great excuse to wear the dress Steph MADE me buy on monday and I wasn’t planning on drinking so I took the car and parked outside. Cheap Night. It was a right laugh and it was light by the time I got home – sign of a good night in anyone’s books! Bit of a bad pic for this one, but we all look propa happy haha. Aimee, me & Emma:

Sunday was a bit of a rubbish day. I spent the day out in the front garden revising (the sun had ran away from the back garden so we decided to look like idiots out the front). I couldn’t be bothered to revise properly so I only revised about 4 of the topics overall out of about 9 I was supposed to – exam went mint tho!

My weekend ended in a rather depressing way… My Xbox died! *cue violins* Not a full ring of death but enough for it to be donald ducked. Not good. Only 4 weeks before it’s second birthday too! Poor lil thing. Should be getting fixed soonish though… let’s all take a minute to hope it gets better quick…

Well I hope you found all that uber thrilling and I didn’t bore you to death too much haha. Have a Lion King song to cheer yourself up: I Just Can’t Wait To Be King http://blip.fm/~7gq0q Enjoy!


1 Response to "Peacock + Maze + IKEA + Krash + Sun = Happy Hayley!"

haha nice long blog 😛 I saw a peacock not in a cage once on holiday that I got pics of its tail from the front and back, looks well weird from the back.
I see the maze hasnt grown very mazy yet lol

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