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My uber-technical (or not) breakdown of the New Moon trailer!

Posted on: June 2, 2009

It’s finally here! The New Moon Trailer! Uber yay. Here’s what I think… [Trailer Included in Post]

I’m actually a lot more impressed with it than I thought I would be.

Kristen Stewart
I really didn’t think she suited the part of Bella in Twilight but after seeing her at the MTV Movie Awards I’ve grown to like her. She’s shy and clumsy just like Bella is and in the trailer for New Moon she seems to be delivering her lines a lot smoother than she was in Twilight. I think I’ll be able to happily watch without being constantly annoyed at her.

Robert Pattinson
Ok once again he seems too serious – but this IS New Moon, the scenes in the trailer are very hard times for Edward where he’s going through torture inside so obviously wouldn’t look too happy. Apparently he’s in the movie a lot more than Edward is in the book because Bella’s ‘voice in her head of Edward’ is shown as a vision of him in the film. Guess Summit were too scared to remove the aspect of Twilight which brought them millions and millions of fans and awards? Thinking about it, it probably was logical to use a vision of him, for those really thick fans who wouldn’t recognise his voice – or possibly deaf fans? Hum…

Taylor Lautner
What can I say other than wow? He looks absolutely stunning in the trailer, I can’t believe he’s only 17 like. He’s bulked up soo well to fit the part, I knew he could bulk up but I didn’t dream it would be that much! He looks loads bigger than the other wolf pack members (see my earlier post on them) but I suppose he’s supposed to isn’t he? I think him looking so damn fine is gonna affect how I view the film though. I really hate Jacob in New Moon – I was definately on Team Edward – but it’s gonna be really hard to will Bella into staying loyal to Edward when she’s got THAT infront of her!

Other Cast
The Cullens don’t appear to have changed much, from what I could see Alice’s hair seems to be styled a little better and Jasper’s seems to still be a bit like it’s trying to escape. They don’t really play a big part in this film though (bar Alice) so I guess how they appear wasn’t a priority. They’re in Eclipse a lot more though so hopefully everyone will look a bit more ‘natural’ – well as natural as a vampire can look – by then. Laurent also seemed to look different from Twilight but I couldn’t work out how – anyone got any suggestions?

Effects and Locations
Jacob as a wolf looks immensely mint! I’m glad they went down the route of making him look like a normal wolf rather than aiming for the ‘werewolf’ idea where they kinda look unnatural, gruesome and with human-esque features. I think I was expecting the latter idea so I’m really happy with how they’ve done it. It’ll be interesting to see how they do the wolves in Breaking Dawn during Jacob’s section where they’re interacting with each other and stuff. The locations also look great, although the Cullen house isn’t how I thought it should be it still looks cool, I guess my thoughts on it weren’t exactly to the book anyway and they seem to fit in pretty nicely with the rooms shown. Jacob’s house looks pretty much spot on too (from the very little we see).

What was missing
I would have loved to have seen a tiny piece from Italy and perhaps Jamie Campbell Bower and Michael Sheen as Volturi but I guess that’s kind of a major plot giveaway for those who haven’t read the books so they have to be careful of that. There wasn’t any scenes of Jacob pre-wolf either so it’s hard to see how his physical shape progresses – whether they managed to make it look as fast as it’s supposed to be in the book? Would have also been interesting if they’d shown a flash of Bella jumping off the cliff? Victoria? The yellow porsche? They wouldn’t be TOO much of a giveaway…would they?

To fit into the theme of Twilight here’s Rob Pattinson – Never Think http://blip.fm/~7grt2 It’s played in Twilight in the background when Edward and Bella are at the restaurant in Port Angeles. Enjoy!

2 Responses to "My uber-technical (or not) breakdown of the New Moon trailer!"

ooo I forgot I wanted to see the volturi bits!
I think I complained the other day about jacobs wolfyness, but in the books I think he is a wolf not a werewolf thing…but I just thought in the advert he looked a bit tooo fluffy and fake. Have you ever seen blood and chocolate? Coz the werewolves in there are proper wolves, or loupe garu. Tis a good film, has Hugh Dancy in too…I may go watch it in a bit :]

Yeah i’ve seen it. Jacob looks a bit like a big fox but i think it’s just because of his colour. the black wolves will look sweet too.

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