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I wish I was a freak!

Posted on: May 29, 2009

I’ve just finished watching x-men: the last stand after watching the first and second yesterday and wolverine the day before… and now the idea of being normal seems really boring.

I’m not even going to be picky – I don’t want to be a mutant and only a mutant… I’m open to negotiations – I’d be happy having an ability like in Heroes (admittedly, a lot like being a mutant) or even something slightly different, like being a vampire like in Twilight (veggie of course, I’m a good girl). I wouldn’t even be so greedy as to as to be a vampire with ‘abilities’ like Edward, Jasper and Alice (and others but no spoilers).

When I think about it, if I had to pick between all the ‘supernatural’ beings and wotnot, I think I’d like to be a vampire the most – especially if they’re like in Twilight and go all pretty in the sun. I’d be like a sparkling diamond! It’s just the idea of living forever that sounds fun, you’d be able to do everything and anything you want, it just may take some time. Not as if you’d be running short though!

If I had to pick between powers it’d be really hard though. So many things are good for so many different things…Here’s my musings on some that would be kool:

Teleportation: would be mint, there’s so many places I want to see and visit but I don’t have the time or the funds, and sometimes the influence, but to be able to just teleport there in seconds would rock!

Flying: an alternative to the teleporting, depending on your flight speed it probably wouldn’t cut out the time aspect, but it must be fun to be able to soar through the air and see everything from above.

Mind reading: would be very useful in situations where you really wanna know what people are thinking and it’s driving you mental. Could also come in handy when wanting to get into places with codes or whatever – just pick it out of the mind of the person who knows. Only problem is hearing things you don’t want to hear, I mean everyone thinks things they don’t really mean at times and you don’t want to know what everyone thinks about you. Would be good if you could turn it on and off…

Time travel: wasted my time typing this to be honest – the whole time travel thing confuses me – if you change the past, did you really change it? or did that happen originally, and how? Or do you go back to an alternate universe? Oh god, its just too confusing!

Freezing time: better than travelling through it, could also help with getting into places you’re not supposed to be haha

Telekinesis: is that spelt right? Who cares.. Anyway, would be great considering how lazy I am. Would also be interesting if it was for anything and I could lift cars and things. I’d be a total show off

Psychic: this one is kind of linked with the time travel thing, can you change the future if that’s what you see as being the future? Suppose it would be kool if it was like Alice in Twilight and rather than ‘the future’ you see the result of decisions…

Superstrength: Can’t think what use I would have for this to be honest, being strong doesn’t really get you anywhere, unless it’s by force…but that’s a bit too antagonistic for me. I wanna be a hero not a villain…maybe.

Invisibility: Would be interesting…also good for getting into places, finding out things, spying – although that sounds creepy. Would suck if I was ALWAYS invisible though, I’d rather be able to turn it on and off..

Healing: would help with the living forever idea and I suppose I could find some interesting things to do, jumping off bridges for fun and stuff

Shapeshifting: I dunno what I think about this one, suppose impersonating someone else could be handy, but I don’t want to end up wanting to be someone else all the time, or editing myself to look how I want – I’m happy looking like me.

Pyrokinesis: suppose it would be fun to play with, but it’s a bit pointless unless you’re the bad guy…or fighting the bad guy. Doesn’t really make life anymore interesting unless you’re using it as a weapon.

This is starting to turn into an uber geek fest so I’ll stop there and link you to my song of the day. It’s from the first episode of Heroes and I love listening to it, another nice, easy listening song: Rogue Wave – Eyes http://blip.fm/~784b4 Enjoy!

1 Response to "I wish I was a freak!"

I wish I was a mutant…not in that way though, and especially not like rouge otherwise I would deffinately do what she did. It would be good to be able to fly or go invisible coz you could spy on people (the invisablity not the flying) so it would be slightly like mind reading but not quite :]

Help me chooose who to vote for pleeease and read my post lol

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