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There is a direct correlation between my mood and how often I go to HMV…

Posted on: May 27, 2009

Today I walked into my exam thinking:

 ‘There is an unbelievably high chance that I’m gonna spend the next 2 hours wanting to cry because of the epic failure that is about to commence’

Today I walked out of my exam thinking:

‘That was too easy, can they honestly call that an exam?!’

I’ve never been the type to revise loads for an exam – I’ll read through my notes the day before, maybe two days before if there’s a lot – but I’ve still never really found exams all that difficult and I very very rarely get bad marks – I know, I’m a jammy git – but today I really didn’t know if I could pass my statistics exam.

I’d done absolutely no revision at all, it’s an open notes exam so why would I? I simply took a handout for each of the methods and walked in hoping I would know which one to use. That was the problem though – I didn’t know if I’d be able to work out which of the 9 methods were right. Surprisingly, I think I did pretty darn well! Followed the workbooks and wrote it all down. Et voila! One statistics exam wrapped up nice and neatly 🙂

Obviously because I was in town I then had to go into HMV, bought myself 4 dvds from the ‘4 for £20’ offer (which used to be 3 for £20 – feeling generous or just shittier dvds?). To which I paid £18 and managed to walk away with 2400 points – RESULT!  haha HMV have this foolish flaw to their points system – you get the points to the full value of the transaction before any offers or discounts, so when my 4 £6 dvds added up to £24 that’s how many points I got, the offer then reduced it to £20 and my student discount reduced it further to £18. I’m beginning to truly love HMV. So as I type me and Elizabeth are on 30195 points! In..how long? Must be about 2 weeks? Not bad, eh? Only 69805 (I had to use a calculator for that!) left to go. Easily done!

I was hoping to enjoy the sun as I was in town today but being typically English the weather decided it wanted to rain today. Due to get uber hot by the weekend though so that’s sweet – I’ll do something summery then instead. As for the rest of today, I think I’ll sit back, relax and watch some dvds.

At the bottom of this post I’ve included a funny lil cartoon-strip-thing a friend sent me a while ago that I just love, it totally sums up statistics and explains why I walked into the exam thinking I was about to fail my life.

My song for today isn’t relevant to anything, it’s just the song that came on when I clicked ‘next’ on media player. It’s from the Twilight Soundtrack (from the scene where Bella and Edward are dancing at the prom – the very end!) and is actually really cool and relaxing. Iron and Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth http://blip.fm/~74r2a Enjoy!



1 Response to "There is a direct correlation between my mood and how often I go to HMV…"

Yea I like that its now 4 for £20 instead of 3. I think its to either try to get people to buy them or something to do with VAT…but sometimes I can only find 3 I want not 4 so I have to buy some random crap (usually turns out to be good though lol).

Thats one of my favourite songs from twilight 🙂 I hope new moon soundtrack is just as good!

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