Random Ranting…

My job is soo annoying!

Posted on: May 25, 2009

I work at the arena and get to work some really kool events – but never get to see anything!

Tonight was Nickelback and I knew loads of people there but when I finished my shift (mere minutes after Nickelback came on stage) I had to go home and wasn’t allowed to go in to watch. DAMN THEM!

It would be a major perk of the job if I was allowed in to watch, things I’ve worked so far have included Girls Aloud, Beyonce, Enrique…. Fair enough they’re not really my main cup of tea, but I wouldn’t mind a sip – especially if that sip was free.

I was on the main bar again tonight – just as a dogsbody – and it reminded me how much I hate it! It’s just too confusing, I’d much rather be on the WKD bar or fast pour – they’re so much easier!

Well that was a nice short and sweet post to get out my random little rant, so tonight I’m obviously gonna leave you with a Nickelback song. Nickelback – Gotta Be Somebody ♫ http://blip.fm/~70vao and here’s a random pic of where I work. Feel free to direct your hate their way on my behalf 🙂 Enjoy!


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