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I’m a rich girl living a poor girl’s life… Damn

Posted on: May 22, 2009

Anyone got a couple of million quid lying around I can have?

Turns out I’m a bit over ambitious in life – as if I didn’t already know that – and there’s too much that I want to do this year and I doubt I can afford any of them. It sucks.

At New Year I didn’t feel like making a generic New Year’s resolution to diet or exercise or some random crap like that so I jokingly said that this year… I’m going to win the lottery – It would help if I actually put it on, but I just can’t bring myself to waste £1 every week when I probably won’t win… damn it.

My lack of funding doesn’t stop my fantasy prone imagination though, so for your reading pleasure here’s the things I want to do before next year but can’t afford to:

Go to Comic-con
It always looks so cool, and I know I’m not uber geeky enough to fully appreciate it’s awesomeness but I’m pretty darn geeky and can appreciate it enough. There’s also another incy-wincy teeny-weeny reason I wanna go…New Moon 😀 Apparently there’s gonna be some scene screenage and cast there so I really wanna goooo!


Go see blink-182 live
Anyone who knows me will know just how much I LOVE blink. I was soo excited when they got back together – I was bouncing around the house for daaays – then they announced they were gonna be touring in the summer and I didn’t think it could get any better… then they burst my bubble and announced that they’re only doing the USA and Canada. Major downer. So I wouldn’t mind flying over and seeing them, and as long as I’m over there I might aswel go to a couple of them. Why waste the money on just one night? Haha

Go to Forks
Being the Twihard that I am I really want to go to Forks just to see all the places I’ve imagined in my head to see what they should actually look like – apparently there’s an entire Twilight Shop! How cool is that! I’d love to go to La Push too and walk along the beach. Everyone says it’s freezing there and always rains, but I’m from Newcastle where it’s just the same and I wanna find out if they’re just being wimps – typical English person only interested in the weather haha.

Go see them filming Eclipse in Vancouver
I know they’re not filming right now – New Moon is wrapping up (they’re just doing the ‘Volterra’ scenes this weekend) but they’re starting Eclipse in the summer ready for a release on my 21st next year. Yay! haha. I’d love to go to Vancouver and watch them filming some scenes. I’ve heard they’re really kool about it and come over to say hi when they’re not doing a scene so that’d be really kool.

Buy a car
I was soo happy when I passed my test, finally free from the constraints of only going where the buses take me – and when – I kinda forgot about the fact I dont have, and can’t afford a damn car. If I could have any I’d love a lamborghini – I’m not even bothered which model – but I was recently told that even if I could afford one, I wouldn’t get insured…so that kinda sucks. To be honest though, at the minute I’d just be happy with a reasonably newish small car. A new Ka or something. Is that really so much to ask for? Meh.

Go to the New Moon Premiere
I’m sure by now you’re noticing a theme? Me and Elizabeth are trying our very hardest to get tickets to this damn thing! I want to go sooo much, I’ve really got my hopes up for it. If I don’t get tickets I’m still tempted to go down and be one of those sad fans who just stands outside and screams as they all walk past – I’m cringing just thinking about it. I do really want to go though.

Go see Muse live
This one is a lot more attainable – I might actually get this one done! They’re supposed to be going on tour in the Autumn after a new album release at the end of summer so hopefully they’ll be playing Newcastle or somewhere near and I’ll get to go. Yay!


Well that’s all that I can think of – but I’m sure there’s more, my brain is just a bit fried from too much revision (I have the suckiest exam ever tomorrow – expect a post on how epically I fail…is epically even a word? It is now.)

My song for today is a rather strange one, 100 Monkeys – Boo Boo Kitty Fuck
100 Monkeys is the band Jackson Rathbone (Jasper in Twilight) is in, and they basically just play shows where they get people to shout random things out and then make songs up on the spot – and they’re hellishly good at it. Despite the utter randomness of the lyrics, Jackson’s singing this song and his voice is meltworthy in it – today’s link even includes a video and below is a couple of pics of Jackson’s new hair which I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with! I’m too nice to you – Enjoy!


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Jaspers the crazy edwards scissor looking one right, he looks sooo different with his hair like that! The songs kinda weird, Im sure boo boo kitty fuck is what jay calls his girlfriend in jay and silent bob strike back

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