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New Day. New Stress. New CDs. New Moon.

Posted on: May 19, 2009

Well that’s one exam down, 4 to go!

New Day
True to my last post I woke up at 7am today (Ok I kinda had to for my exam but blah!) and so far my day has been eventful. My exam went surprisingly well considering the minimal revision I did – I got lucky and it was on something I did at A Level so I actually know it! Yipee!

New Stress
The problem is…my next exam is going to be twice as hard, with material from September to now rather than just January. Dang. So to cheer myself up after remembering that… I wandered into HMV – now there’s a bad idea right there…

New CDs
I bought Eminem – Relapse and Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown ūüėÄ Yay for 1998 points for mine and Elizabeth’s fund haha. Listening to Eminem first, and so far it’s quite good, but it’s definately more along the lines of ‘Just Lose It’ and ‘Smack That’ than ‘Stan’ or ‘The Way I Am’ –¬†They’re all jokey and fast paced – but I’m not finished yet, there may be the serious ones too. I’m not complaining though, the fast paced funny ones are still frickin mint – You have to love Eminem! I might let you know what I think of Green Day later – I probably won’t.

 New Moon
The official poster for the New Moon film was released in the USA today, and I have to admit, I think some of the fanmade posters were a lot kooler. I can’t wait for the new film, even though it’s my least favourite book and I really don’t like a lot of the things that happen in it, I cant deny myself a little bit more of the whole Twilight universe – I admit it. I’m an addict. The cast they’ve picked for the new roles in New Moon look really good, they fit into my mental pictures nicely, and I’m pretty sure that certain cast members will be in my little head more than others haha.

new moon officialThis is the new poster – incase you never guessed.

It’s a little bit boring but I guess it’s supposed to represent all the characters’ feelings and wotnot. I must admit even the small amount you can see of Taylor Lautner looks canny beefy like – Nice – You’ve got to love a lad with muscles. Yet again Kristen Steward looks miserable/bored of her life but yeah I guess that really does fit in with the book. Rob Pattinson on the other hand looks canny funny, his posture is all weird, he should be chilling by the bar or something and it looks like he’s doing that thing with his hand that if you look at it you get punched – that might have just been at my school but I’m pretty sure it’s a universal thing. Oh, another thing, they have ‘Jacob’ with short hair so those who don’t really know what’s going on probably wont recognise that it’s him from the poster. Still can’t wait for it though and Eminem and Green Day have done their part to help me and Elizabeth on our way to the premiere. Help us out please?




 Welcome to the Wolf Pack.

 Nice yes? Haha!

Left to Right: Alex Meraz (as Paul), Chaske Spencer (as Sam), Bronson Pelletier (as Jared) and Kiowa Gordon (as Embry)

Definately can’t wait to see more of these guys in the new film. It’s going to be fun to watch I’ll give it that!


3 Responses to "New Day. New Stress. New CDs. New Moon."

Why had Jacob lost his hair??
Edward looks like penn bagdely in that poster (i think thats how you spell his name, he plays dan in gossip girl and the ‘other tucker’ in john tucker must die)

He cuts it all off cos its ‘easier’ with short hair lol.
you bought owt from HMV yet? We need to get goin lol. We’re at 16397 I think… something like that n e way. only 83603 to go…

And is it just me…or does ‘Sam’ have really feminine hips?

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