Random Ranting…

Yay! Party Anyone?

Posted on: May 13, 2009


I went into uni at 8:20am and only moved for my 20 minute interview at 10 and then went home at 4pm. Now that is what I call hardcore uni work… Or possibly just hard uni work? But hey, I got it finished and my timings meant I got a lift to and from town and didn’t have to waste a penny on buses – result!

I love the atmosphere around uni when it’s sunny, normally people are only there because they have to be, but with the sun out, you get the feeling people are there to have fun – all lying around casually on the grass with their pints and their ipods – there was even an ice cream van! How cool is that please? (Well it would be cool if I wasn’t looking at it out the window from my BOILING computer room I spent the day in writing my silly essay!)

On the negative side… The office closed at 1pm so I couldn’t hand my essay in, so I’m gonna have to go back tomorrow morning, then go home, then go back to town for work…oh well, least it gives me something to do – I hope it’s all lovely and sunny again!

I feel like celebrating now, even though I know it’s not even close to being over – I have 5 exams now 😦 but they’re not tomorrow and Friday can be a freee day! FREE AS A BIRD!

I wanted to get you Bob Marley – Don’t Worry About a Thing…..but it wasn’t there.

Then I found this litle gem of a song and decided it was a better choice anyway.

Otis Redding – (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay


Sit back, relax and most of all… Enjoy!

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