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Is it summer yet?

Posted on: May 11, 2009

The sun is shining, the flowers are out, the trees are green and there’s a lot of little annoying bugs flying around.

But it’s England. Therefore…It still isn’t warm. Damn.

I went into uni this morning to try to sort out what I’m going to do for my dissertation next year (Ergh. Even the thought of it makes me look for a way to procrastinate) and ended up spending about 20 mins on a computer, printed off 2 articles then went shopping. I love shopping in town when it’s sunny you see such a drastic range of what people are wearing depending on what time they left the house – I’m guessing it was still fairly chilly at 8am or something – so there are some people with jeans and jackets, then there’s those like me who see a beam of sunlight and almost explode with excitement over skirts, vest tops and flip flops!

Sun has some strange effects on me, the music I listen to gets faster and bouncier, my clothes get brighter and I have a random urge to walk more places – I had to stop myself from getting off the bus at Gateshead and walking home – and for some reason, my usual life of sitting around the house watching tv and listening to music no longer appeals to me and I want to be outside, in the park or at the beach or something, resulting in my gettin kinda miffed when everyone else is at work or school and I have no one to play with. Boo them.

So because I haven’t been anywhere in the sun yet, I have no interesting photos to share with you. My good friend Mr Google did help me to find this cute picture though – I think it sums up my mood perfectly. Enjoy! xxx

cute kitten in summer

1 Response to "Is it summer yet?"

aww I like the picture. I know what you mean, I live 5 mintues walk from the beach and I cant go there coz I need a pc with internet to do my work…this time last year I was swimming in the North Sea (yes we were mad!)…and now I have no time. Then once my exams are over most my mates who dont work are off to maljorca with uni (Im going to arran instead lol) so I’ll be left on my own coz manda’s always with her boyfriend and ash works.
I noticed the music difference too, summer shops bug me though coz often they have grey stuff in still and Im looking for bright things :]

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