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How come I never go to the cinema anymore?

Posted on: May 11, 2009

I’ve only been to the cinema once this year. What’s going on?!
There’s plenty films I want to see, here’s a few:

star trekStar Trek
I don’t really know anything about Star Trek.
To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever watched any Star Trek related thing in my life…
But everyone else says it’s mint, even those who are non-Trek fans like me, who was always on the side of Star Wars and never bothered with any Trek stuff. Zachary Quinto is in it too and I love him in Heroes. I hope I can ignore him as ‘Sylar’ and just think of him as Spock so it doesn’t ruin the whole idea of it for me… If I ever get to see it!


wolverineX-Men Origins: Wolverine
I loved the first three X-Men films so hopefully I’d love this one too.
Once again I’ve been told by others how great this film is, after they’ve been to the cinema to see it without me! I’m not a major comic book geek, but I used to watch the X-Men cartoons as a kid so I think I should be able to recognise some of the other characters they’ve brought into it… I probably won’t know anything other than their names though.
I know Ryan Reynolds is in it, which of course makes it sound that little bit more interesting, he tends to do very different roles in films, from Van Wilder to Amityville Horror to this? (Still love him in 2 guys and a girl though)


17again17 Again
I admit my reasons for wanting to see this one are a bit on the shallow side of life…but what you gonna do?
However, my sources tell me that despite their shallow reasons for going to see it, they actually found it to be quite a funny and entertaining film. So we can pretend we want to see it because it’s ‘good’ and not because of..other reasons haha.
The whole ‘different mental age to body’ thing has been done so many times before (and I doubt anything will ever beat BIG) but hopefully they’ve pulled it off well and it’s a good watch.


So who wants to come with me? xxx

1 Response to "How come I never go to the cinema anymore?"

I quite fancy star trek too even though Ive never seen a trek related thing in my life. My mam used to watch it when she was a kid and she says she’ll wait till I get home to see it…hopefully it will still be on then. Or I could go see it down here.
Wolverine and 17 again were great :] go on your own!! I do sometimes seeing as once the film starts you dont talk anyway I find it acceptable to go alonesome lol.

I wana see coraline but its not on in scarborough grrr!!

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